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Te Mātāpuna Mātātahi | Children’s University

25 August 2023

Te Mātāpuna Mātātahi | Children’s University brings learning opportunities outside the curriculum to students in primary and high schools. From building gliders to examining ancient artefacts, this joint venture between UC and Lincoln University helps students explore the world through new experiences. Donate to foster a love of learning!


From building gliders, to examining ancient artefacts, to volunteering, students gain experiences that they may not otherwise have had access to. Through offering students the opportunity to connect with expert teachers in universities and other areas in the community while participating in fun educational activities, the programme seeks to foster a lifelong love of learning and encourage young people's aspirations to higher education. 

"The best thing about Children's University is the fact that you can go out and learn while seeing the amazing world around us. 

It gets kids out learning instead of playing on the computer or Playstation for hours. For me, personally, I'm so grateful for gettng the opportunity to go places I've never been before or experienced." 

Jordan, Children's University Student

Through donating to Te Mātāpuna Mātātahi | Children’s University, you can give students like Jordan the opportunity to explore their world through experiences outside the school curriculum and stoke their love of learning.

When young people fall in love with learning they are more likely to aspire towards further and higher education.

Students from ages 7 to 14 are issued "Passports to Learning" and they fill their passports by visiting Learning Destinations, which are local organisations that offer fun and educationala activities and experiences. 

Each passport costs $25. A donation of $100 to Children’s University can provide opportunities to four students who may not otherwise have been able to access such experiences. 

Donate to support Te Mātāpuna Mātātahi | Children’s University

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