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Māori & Pacific tutoring

14 February 2024

This tutoring programme provides additional tutoring for Pacific and Māori students at no extra cost. It's available to supplement what you learn in lectures and tutorials. Find out about Māori and Pacific tutoring options at UC.


How it works:

  1. Register 
  2. Wait for response
  3. Reply to tutor to organise time and place for tutoring
  4. We pay the tutor

Once you have registered, our team will find you a tutor - this may take 2 to 5 working days (sometimes longer)

Firstly, read the terms of use. It is important to note that this is not an alternative to attending your lectures and tutorials; it should be used to supplement your learnings from lectures and tutorials. In addition, tutorials are not designed for students to show up with no course materials or questions. To use the programme effectively, you should attempt the following as much as possible:

  1. Attend all your lectures and tutorials. Take notes and highlight parts you do not understand or find difficult.
  2. Do all required readings and once again take notes and highlight parts you do not understand or find difficult
  3. If your enquiry is in regard to an assignment or essay, we encourage you to attempt as much as you can and highlight the parts you do not understand.
  4. We encourage you to ask your lecturer or tutor for the course for help understanding the parts you found difficult.
  5. Where you are still not quite confident with the content, email or text the tutor. Include (1) the course code, (2) useful information, eg. if it an essay, send the essay question, or if it is an equation, send the equation, (3) days and time you would be free to meet. Tutors should reply to you within two days. If a tutor takes longer than this, please contact UC Māori or Pacific.

UC Māori & Pacific Tutoring Programme 2024


Terms of Use

  1. All domestic Pacific and Māori students are eligible for a maximum of 30 hrs of supplementary tutoring for your courses throughout the year as part of the UC Māori & Pacific Tutoring Programme
  2. To register for the programme, you must apply online (you only need to do this once per year). If the tutor you require is not on the list, let the Tutoring Coordinators (Thomas Hamilton - UC Māori or Selai Nakaroti - UC Pacific) know and we will attempt to recruit an appropriate tutor. Please note that requesting a tutor does not guarantee we will find one, but we will try!
  3. Tutor sessions can be 1-2hrs in length and group sessions are preferred where there is more than one student requesting tutoring for a particular course (this is especially encouraged for engineering students).
  4. Manaaki scholar students have access to tutoring through the International office as part of the Manaaki Scholarship, so please see your International Coordinator. Please let us know if you would like us to refer any of the tutors employed by us, to your International Coordinator as a potential Manaaki Scholars tutor.
  5. Preferred method for tutoring is in person on campus but can happen via zoom/teams if ok with both parties. Where other arrangements are wanted, please contact UC Māori or Pacific.

Tutoring Coordinators

UC Māori & UC Pacific Course Tutoring List

In this section:

CHEM111COSC121, 122, 131
CRJU150, 160EDUC101, 102
ECON104, 105EMTH118, 119
ENGL103, 107, 110, 117ENG First Year
FINA101, 102, 103LAWS101, 102, 103
LING101MATH101, 102, 103
MAOR108, 165MKTG100
PHYS101, 102, 111POLS102, 103, 104, 105, 106
STAT100 - 300SPAN101
TREO111, 112WRIT101

ARTH202, 210, 216CULT206
EDUC202, 204, 206ECON206, 207, 208
ENEL200, 220ENGL201, 213, 243
Electrical ENG 200-300FILM211
HIST258, 262, 283LAWS203, 205, 206
MATH201, 202, 203, 240MAOR217, 214, 219
MKTG204PHYS201, 203, 205, 285
POLS202, 209, 210PSYC207, 208

ARTH329CULT302, 303
EDUC302, 339ENGL305, 332
HIST352, 366, 379, 381LAWS314, 358
MATH303, 363MAOR301, 317
PHYS310, 311, 313, 326POLS301

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