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Honours degrees


A postgraduate honours degree allows you to delve deeper and more rigorously into the subject from your first undergraduate bachelor's degree. It involves a personalised study programme typically taking one year of full-time coursework, including a research component. 

Honours degrees are often a pathway to further study, such as master’s degrees.

Note: Other honours degrees at UC eg, the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, the Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology with Honours, and the Bachelor of Social Work with Honours are four-year undergraduate bachelor's degree programmes.

Entry requirements

Usually your honours degree will be in the same subject you majored in for your bachelor's degree, and you need to have good 300-level grades to be eligible. However, other requirements may vary between subjects – you need to check with the relevant school or department.

A good indication of your readiness for honours-level study is the achievement of B grades or better in your final-year undergraduate courses.

If English is your additional language, you are also required to meet UC’s English language requirements.

Each honours year is an individual, personal course of study, devised in consultation with staff from your department or school. It is therefore important that you contact them as early as possible to discuss your plans.

Qualification options

The following honours degrees are offered at the University of Canterbury | Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha:

Note: Other honours degrees at UC eg, the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, the Bachelor of Speech and Language Pathology with Honours, and the Bachelor of Social Work with Honours are studied as part of a four-year undergraduate bachelor's degree programme, and are open to students without previous university studies. Some undergraduate bachelor's degrees offer an honours programme to high-achieving students and participation is by invite-only eg, the Bachelor of Laws with Honours, the Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours, and the Bachelor of Forestry Science with Honours.


An honours degree at UC is usually a one-year programme of coursework (part-time options are also available), totalling 120 points.

Honours programmes normally begin in the first semester (February). Honours 400-level courses are generally offered in first semester (February–June) and second semester (July–October); some courses run through both semesters (whole year courses).

Further study

Students who complete an honours degree to a satisfactory standard may be able to proceed to a master’s degree programme, or provisional enrolment in a doctoral degree. For more information about this, contact the relevant school or department.

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Finn Ross

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