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Admission to UC with an overseas qualification

13 November 2023

Admission with a qualification from an overseas school or university.


Depending on where you have completed your study overseas and which qualification you are hoping to study at UC, there will be different requirements for admission.

Your admission to the University and to your chosen qualification will be assessed at the same time.

Document requirements

You will need to upload evidence of your study (academic transcripts and graduation certificates) when you apply in myUC. Please include a grading scale with your transcript(s) and translations for any documentation not in English. You may also be required to provide evidence of your English language proficiency and other supporting documentation.

If suitable evidence is not provided, your admission may not be assessed and your application may be lapsed.


When to apply

You are recommended to apply for admission to UC with an international qualification at least six months before your planned start date to allow enough time for your application to be assessed and to give you enough time to apply for a student visa if your application is successful. 

If you are an international student intending to start your study at UC in Semester One, you are advised to submit your application to enrol in myUC by 1 December of the preceding year. If you intend to start in Semester Two, submit your application by 1 May.  You can still apply after these dates, but your application may not be processed in time for your intended start date. 

TIP: If you are an international student living outside of New Zealand, you might want to get some assistance with your application from an overseas representative in your country.


International students with NZ qualifications

If you have studied at a New Zealand secondary school or university, you will be able to use the relevant admission pathway

For more information on admission with an overseas qualification

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