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Why Science?

31 August 2023

At UC Science you decide where you’re going – our job is to help you get there. We offer heaps of options and flexibility, state-of-the-art facilities, amazing research opportunities, and passionate, world-recognised lecturers. So why Science at UC? The question is why not! Check out our accreditations and see what it's like to learn with us.


What’s on offer:

  • A wide range of internationally-recognised science qualifications – some unique in Australasia
  • You’ll ‘do science’ right from the first semester of your first year
  • The most field stations of any Aotearoa New Zealand university, with stations from New Zealand to Nigeria!
  • Like-minded people and leading researchers to teach and mentor you
  • Practical and clinical learning experiences, research projects, lab and field work
  • Global study experiences, including exchanges to partner universities

We offer world leading education qualifications, illustrated by our international accreditation from the Royal Society of Biology (RSB) in the UK for the major in Biological Sciences and accreditation for the Bachelor of Environmental Science with Honours from the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand (EIANZ).

The UC Science experience

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