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Flexible options

22 August 2023

UC Science provides a broad degree programme that gives you plenty of opportunities for specialising later on. We foster the flexible and knowledgeable graduates employers are looking for. Find out about flexible options with UC Science.

Dr Mike Hickford (left), his son Blake and doctoral researcher Shane Orchard on the banks of the Ōpāwaho Heathcote River.

With a broad degree programme that gives you plenty of opportunities to specialise later on, UC Science fosters the flexible and knowledgeable graduate employers are looking for.

Flexible and interdisciplinary study

Our three-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree is hugely flexible and you can mix-and-match subjects across a range of disciplines. This allows you to explore a wide range of subjects, try things out and see what you like before your specialise and progress in your career.

You can choose from:

Modern science cuts across diverse domains and is constantly changing, so a varied course of study allows you to see how things fit together by exploring a wide range of subjects, from Antarctic Studies and Astronomy, to Physics and Psychology.


Multiple career pathways

The many options in Science give you the opportunity to design your own future.

Our interdisciplinary approach to science creates more potential career pathways and enables you to delve deeper or broaden your studies, depending on your study or career goals.


Working side by side

Our modern interdisciplinary Regional Science and Innovation Centre enables staff and students from multiple disciplines to work side by side on projects to create new connections and potentially bigger breakthroughs. UC is the only New Zealand university that is able to deliver science in this way.

This builds on the strong tradition of research collaboration at UC, with research centres and other entities uniting people from different disciplines within UC, nationally and globally.


You're not on your own

It can be hard to decide what to study and you may want to keep your options open, particularly in your first year. With Science you can try different things and work out what you want to do. Our dedicated science student advisors can help you to explore your options and make decisions that are right for you, including working out how to juggle a double degree, endorsements, double majors and other combinations.

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