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Scholarships and fees waivers - Education

13 September 2023

UC makes several Education scholarships available every year to help our students fund their studies. We offer undergraduate, postgraduate, and degree-specific opportunities to eligible students. We also have an Associate Teacher course fees waiver. 


UC scholarships

A large range of scholarships are available through the UC Scholarships website, including undergraduate, postgraduate and degree-specific opportunities.


TeachNZ scholarships

TeachNZ scholarships are for students enrolling in an initial teacher education programme, to become a teacher. TeachNZ have a range of scholarships that cover the cost of your course fees and pay you an allowance.

UC Partnerships With Schools scholarships

Associate teachers and mentor teachers who are part of the UC Partnership With Schools initiative are able to apply for fees scholarships for postgraduate study at UC's Faculty of Education.

Scholarship eligibility

These scholarships are allocated on a competitive basis, but are only open to associate teachers, mentor teachers and senior school leaders (Principals, Deputy Principals) in the UC Partnership With Schools initiative.

A 30% fee waiver is granted to successful applicants who are completing one course towards an MEd, PGDipEd or PGCertEd or one years PhD or MEd thesis enrolment. Associate Teacher Fee Waiver Information. 

For more information see our UC Partnerships With Schools page.

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