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Scholarships and fees waivers - Education

13 September 2023

Scholarships can help fund your studies during your time at UC. There are undergraduate, postgraduate, and degree-specific scholarship opportunities to eligible students through UC and other organisations. We also have an Associate Teacher course fees waiver.


UC scholarships

A large range of scholarships are available through the UC Scholarships website, including undergraduate, postgraduate and degree-specific opportunities. 

Each scholarship has different eligibility criteria so check the details of each one to find out if you're eligible. We recommend you apply for all the scholarships you are eligible for, as it is possible to be awarded more than one scholarship at a time.


Te Kaupeka Ako | Faculty of Education Scholarships


Incoming First-Year Student scholarships

These scholarships are available for students intending to enrol at UC in the first year of an undergraduate degree in our faculty. Applications close 15 August.


Undergraduate scholarships

The scholarships for current undergraduate students can assist their financial needs and provide a helping hand to make university life a little easier. 


Postgraduate scholarships

Are you thinking of postgraduate study next year? We have a number of Postgraduate Scholarships closing between mid-October and early December each year.  

TeachNZ scholarships

TeachNZ scholarships are for students enrolling in an initial teacher education programme, to become a teacher. TeachNZ have a range of scholarships that cover the cost of your course fees and pay you an allowance.


Education Workforce scholarships

The Ministry of Education also has study awards and grants for current teachers.


Ministry of Education Tertiary Fees Funding Support

The Ministry of Education is continuing its Tertiary Fees Funding Support scheme for approved mathematics and literacy courses. Up to 600 teachers each year will be supported to study a mathematics or literacy course at the graduate or postgraduate level. Half the tuition fee will be paid for by the Ministry of Education and half by the teacher’s school, or teacher.

For further details on how to apply apply for this subsidy visit:

Or you can contact the Ministry, email:

The following UC courses are approved for this scheme. Please note that there may be some costs (such as the Student Services Levy) that are not covered by the subsidy.

  • EDEM607 Contemporary Issues in Literacy Education
  • EDEM653 Meeting the needs of learners with literacy learning difficulties
  • EDEM618 Dyslexia: Identification and Intervention
  • EDEM617 Enhancing reading development in young children at risk
  • EDEM631 Foundations of Language Acquisition and Learning
  • EDEM690 MEd thesis (90 points)
  • EDEM691 MEd thesis (120 points)


UC Partnerships With Schools scholarships

Associate teachers and mentor teachers who are part of the UC Partnership With Schools initiative are able to apply for fees scholarships for postgraduate study with Te Kaupeka Ako | Faculty of Education.

Scholarship eligibility

These scholarships are allocated on a competitive basis, but are only open to associate teachers, mentor teachers and senior school leaders (Principals, Deputy Principals) in the UC Partnership With Schools initiative.

A 30% fee waiver is granted to successful applicants who are completing one course towards an MEd, PGDipEd or PGCertEd or one years PhD or MEd thesis enrolment.

For more information see our UC Partnerships With Schools page.

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