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Postgraduate scholarships

04 March 2024

UC offers a number of scholarships to support students studying at a postgraduate level at Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha | University of Canterbury.


Are you thinking of Postgraduate* study in 2025? We have a number of Postgraduate Scholarships closing mainly between 15 October and 2 December for study in 2025.  

Begin your search using our Scholarships Database, using the filters such as 'Level of Study' and 'Faculty/School' depending on what you are planning on studying. Click through to the scholarship's Regulations to check that you meet the eligibliity criteria and you can also take note of the selection criteria for the scholarship. 

All scholarships need to go through a review process each year, so although they are listed, they may not show application dates until they are confirmed. Once a scholarship is confirmed as being offered, the scholarship will open for applications approximately eight weeks prior to their closing dates. 

*Check out our separate Doctoral Scholarships information if you are enrolling in a PhD.

Some of our higher valued postgraduate scholarships administered by UC are listed below, but we have many more scholarships available so use our Scholarships Database to find all scholarships that are currently available.

NB: Please note that the following information is subject to change.

Scholarship NameDetails
Ben Gough Family Foundation Leaders Scholarship

Value: $32,000 towards tuition fees plus various leadership opportunities

To accelerate personal and professional development for students enrolling in an MBA or PGDipBA 

CWF Hamilton & Co. Ltd Master's Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering

Value: $16,500

To support students studying towards a Master of Engineering (ME) degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Electric Power Engineering Centre (EPECentre) Postgraduate Scholarship

Value: $12,500

To recognise academic achievement by students enrolling in a Master of Engineering (ME) or PhD programme at UC who are specialising in Electric Power Engineering.

Ethel Rose Overton Scholarship

Value: Between $3,000 and $30,000

For students studying BA(Hons), BFA(Hons), MA(Part I and Part II), MFA or a Phd programme in Art History, Art Theory or Fine Arts.

F A Hayek Scholarship in Economics or Political Science

Value: $16,500

For students studying in an Honours or Master's degree in Economics or Political Science.

Fire & Emergency New Zealand Fire Engineering Scholarship

Value: $20,000 per annum

For students enrolling in the Master of Engineering in Fire Engineering (MEFE) or the Master of Engineering Studies in Fire Engineering (MEngSt(Fire)) degree programme.

Francis Small Scholarship

Value: $20,000

To support reearch Master's students in Engineering.

Guardian Trust Master's Scholarship in Commerce

Value: $16,500 

For students who will be enrolling full time or part time in a Master's degree in the Faculty of Commerce.

Hope Foundation Scholarship for Research on Ageing: University of Canterbury

Value: $6,000

For students studying in a Master's or doctoral programme with research on a topic related to ageing. 

Kevin Spring Memorial Graduate Scholarship in Civil Engineering

Value: $40,000

To support research Master's students in Civil Engineering.

Ngau Boon Keat Postgraduate Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering

Value: $25,000

For students enrolled part time or full time in the Department of Mechanical Engineering either in a Master of Engineering degree, a Master of Engineering Studies degree or a doctoral degree.

Orion Master's Energy Scholarship

Value: $16,500

To support students studying towards a Master’s degree with research on a topic related to the energy field.

Sir Neil Isaac Scholarship in Environmental Science

Value: $20,000

For students studying in a Master's or doctoral programme with research on a topic related to the environment.

Stan & Jessie Holland Memorial Scholarship in Ecology & Environmental Science

Value: $21,000

For Māori and Pasifika Master's students in Ecology or Environmental Science.

Tait Communications Master's Research Scholarship

Value: $15,000

For students studying in a Master's programme with research related to Critical Information and Communications Technology (CICT).

UC Master's Scholarship

Value: $14,000 plus tuition fees (at domestic rate) for up to 120 points

For students studying towards a research master’s degree at UC (taught Master's are not eligible). CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW

UC Master's Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Value: $14,000 plus tuition fees (at domestic rate) for up to 240 points

To support students studying towards a Master's degree at UC who have a significant disability. CURRENTLY UNDER REVIEW

UC Research Student Publication Prize

The goal of the UC Research Student Publication Prize is to encourage students to publish their work in leading peer-reviewed publications, indexed in Scopus, during their doctoral or master's studies (e.g., journal articles, book chapters, monographs, or conference proceedings). Publication during the tenure of Doctoral or Master's studies enhances student’s employment prospects and, for UC, contributes to the enhancement of international university rankings.

You can read the regulations, check your eligibility and apply here.

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