Gel electrophoresis

Undertake a practical activity to reveal how enzymes can be used to cut DNA plasmids in a controlled way, enabling further genetic investigations. Also view how an electric current can be used on charged molecules to separate different size pieces.

Classroom sets of gel electrophoresis equipment are available on loan to local schools (requires pick up from and return to UC) for senior biology students. The equipment uses self-contained E-Gels containing agarose, electrodes and ion-exchange matrices inside a disposable, transparent cassette.

Samples of plasmid (pBR322) will be provided, precut with two restriction enzymes, along with a sample of a high-range DNA ladder to enable students to identify the fragments on their finished gel.

Each gel has enough wells to be used by two groups of students.

The gels take only 10 minutes to run, and the whole process can be completed in one period. However, we do recommend that you take two periods to use this equipment - one period discussing the technology and familiarising the students with the equipment and the protocols and a second period to run the gels.



The kit is only available to schools local to the University of Canterbury; it must be collected from and returned to UC by the school.

Please submit your request in good time as gels are perishable so we do not keep a large stock, their delivery time form the USA is can be up to 8 weeks.

Current bookings for 2022

  • 22-25 Feb CHCH Girls High
  • 18-25 March Ashburton College
  • 28-31 March Rangiora New Life School
  • 1-8 Apr Christ's College
  • 27 Jun -1 July Burnside High

To request a kit, please complete our reservation form

More information

For any enquiries regarding the kit, please contact Matt Walters.

Matt Walters

Scientific Communication Specialist
Science Communication, Digital Imaging, Outreach
Julius von Haast 432
Internal Phone: 95211