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Learning Resources

07 February 2024

From flyers and posters to videos and worksheets, we have plenty of learning resources available to get students interested in science. Have a look.


Other Resources

Geography and Covid-19
Geography and Covid-19

Understand the links between geography and Covid-19, through the lens of urban design and mobility, in this short presentation by UC geographers Prof Simon Kingham and Dr Lindsey Conrow.

Magma Drillers Save Planet Earth
Magma Drillers Save Planet Earth

In this exciting educational game - created by UC scientists - students will take on a variety of different scientific roles in order to help solve the planet's environmental and energy issues.

Iceland Virtual Field Trip web thumb
Iceland Virtual Field Trip

Using DEMS, sketches, videos and photos, study volcanic geology across field locations in Iceland with UC volcanologist Ben Kennedy and team. Complete DIY exercises and compare answers with other geologists in-training.

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