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UC Research Strengths

The University of Canterbury delivers creative and innovative research for the benefit of both local and global communities. Our academic leaders are courageous, forward-thinking and generous with their knowledge. They explore their fields of expertise with integrity and vigour, encourage conversations and challenges, and share their discoveries with the intent of creating better outcomes for everyone. The University's strategic vision commits the University of Canterbury to continue and strengthen its focus on six research themes.

The world has never been as connected as it is today. In response to globalisation, language and communication is rapidly shifting and evolving, making linguistics an exciting field of study. The University of Canterbury is at the forefront of language research, exploring the connection between language and society, how language changes over time and the systems of speech sounds.

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Young people are the future. University of Canterbury researchers are committed to exploring developmental and learning indicators of infants through to adolescents in areas including behaviour, nutrition, language and education.

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Lying on the boundary of two great slowly shifting tectonic plates in the Pacific ring of fire, Aotearoa New Zealand provides unique opportunities for researchers to explore the effects of natural disasters – earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis’, floods and land erosion.

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In a world of increasing connectedness the impact of inequality, inequity and injustice is more visible than ever. Equality and social justice is the aspiration of fairness across society – access to health care, equal pay, housing, employment opportunities and criminal justice.

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Where nature and knowledge collide, University of Canterbury researchers are building Sustainable Futures. In a world of increasing connectedness and interdependencies the University of Canterbury is on a mission to advance our understanding of the natural world so we can make changes today that secure a sustainable future for generations to come.

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Technology advancement is key to advancing humankind and overcoming the challenges of today and tomorrow – developing meat substitutes to sustainably feed the world, medical technology to better understand and cure new and existing diseases, aerospace technology to explore and habitate other worlds and developing sustainable energy sources to power our lives.

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