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Future Research Students

26 October 2023

To enrol in a Doctoral degree at UC, you need to either join an existing research project or find a supervisor for a new research direction. Find out how to do these things below.

There are some existing research projects specifically for research Master’s students, and you can also find these in the list of research projects below. However, in general it’s best to talk to the relevant faculty to find out how to enrol in a research Master’s degree.


Find a Project

Browse the current research projects available at the University of Canterbury, for Doctoral and research Master’s students, to see if there is one in your topic of interest.


Find a supervisor

Explore UC research profiles to identify academics who are experts in your research area and who may be able to become your research supervisor.

Once you’ve found a potential supervisor, contact the staff member to discuss your research interests and to see if they are able to take you on as their research student.

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