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Discovery Sessions

30 January 2024

Discovery sessions are for anyone new-to-exercise, new-to-the-gym or maybe feeling a little anxious about stepping inside a gym for the first time. We offer a range of sessions at a slower pace to help you gain confidence and skills in an encouraging environment.


Starting something new can be a little daunting at first, but we all have to start somewhere! To help ease you into it, you can try things out in our Discovery sessions. Book via the app.

What makes Discovery Sessions different?

  • Daily sessions aimed at lower fitness and experience levels.
  • We simplify and focus on the fundamentals.
  • We move at a slower pace and take time to workshop things if we need to.
  • Groups are typically small, so you can ask all the questions.
  • Some Women-Only sessions are available (check the class description in the app)

The best way to keep a healthy exercise routine, is to find activities you love to do, daily if possible!


What's on offer?

Discover Group Fitness

  • Discover the Gym   • Discover Lifting   • Discover SkillX   • Discover Spin   • Discover Yoga.
  • Try our popular classes in a small group environment.
  • Workshop/class hybrid style, so you can ask as many questions as you like.
  • Low intensity for beginners, so you can focus on having fun and getting comfortable.
  • Classes will be short to begin with, and you'll build up to a full length class over 5 weeks.


Discover Lifting

  • Take advantage of small group lifting sessions to learn how to lift safely and what exercises to do to work certain muscles. 
  • These sessions will be limited in numbers so that each participant can get maximum time with our trainer. 
  • All sessions are held in our FUN Zone. Friday evening sessions are women-only and held in the Women's Zone.


Discover the Gym

  • Ever wandered into the gym and wondered "how the heck do I use this stuff!?!"
  • In this session you'll have a tour around the facility, to see where all the fun stuff is hiding.
  • Learn how to use the equipment safely, and what it's for.
  • Learn how to use the app, so you can take advantage of the free programmes and features to get you moving! 

Check the timetable: Group Fitness and Specialty Course class times

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