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Body Composition Scans

30 January 2024

A Body Composition Scan (BCS) is a powerful tool for wellbeing. A must do in your fitness journey.



Add on a scan to your PT session or Speciality Course for just $5. Just want the scan? We can do this for $25, or $12.50 for UC Students.  


What is body composition

Body composition is the percentage of the human body's bone, fat, water, and muscle mass. Using these percentages, it gives a broad range of information about the state of your body and how to set up goals to potentially prevent and/or maintain your body balance. With the analysis of the body's composition, it gives an in-depth insight into your overall physical wellness through the break down of each segment of the body.


Why is it useful?

Some individuals may be the same weight and size but have different activity levels. Take for example an infrequent exerciser and a weekend warrior. A BMI test may show the same scores, but the weight may consist of more muscle or fat.
This shows that they have different:

  • Exercise needs;
  • Nutritional needs;
  • Health risks; and
  • Fitness goals

By knowing your body composition you can use it for motivation, accountability and/or doing more exercise whilst measuring your body fat percentage and muscle changes.

It gives you a snapshot of your current state and a measure of your overall health and wellness.

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