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Leading health and safety at UC

22 November 2023

The Senior Leadership Team at University of Canterbury takes responsibility to lead health and safety. This means having a knowledge of the University’s operations and keeping informed about the hazards, risks, and how they are managed. 


Managers work to ensure that there are resources and processes in place to meet these requirements. Managers must provide workers with a reasonable opportunity to participate in ongoing processes for improvement of health, safety, and wellbeing, in the workplace.

University of Canterbury delivers excellent research-informed education and creative and innovative research. Our staff undertaking the research are subject matter experts in their field. This carries a responsibility to ensure that the research, and any associated risks or hazards are recognised and managed to ensure the safety of students, staff, and the wider University community.

Members of the University of Canterbury community, including staff, students, contractors, and visitors, have a responsibility to take reasonable care for their own health and safety. This extends to making sure that their own acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of others.

All members of the university community are expected to comply with any reasonable instruction given by the University in relation to health, safety, and wellbeing.

Leading Health and Safety at University of Canterbury carries responsibility for having a Health and Safety Plan, and for Monitoring Health and Safety Performance

Senior Leaders at University of Canterbury undertake regular Health Safety and Wellbeing leadership walks. 

HS&W Leadership Walks, and the conversations that they give opportunity to, are an important part of the overall safety culture of University of Canterbury. While informal, they also represent a reportable lead measure of UC commitment to health and safety and wellbeing.

HS&W Leadership Walks contribute to keeping leadership informed about university operations, in particular associated hazards and risks, and how they are managed. It also affords an additional opportunity for workers, contractors, and students, to participate in ongoing processes for improvement of health, safety, and wellbeing, in the workplace.

A record of Health Safety & Wellbeing Leadership Walks, including actions to come out of these are captured in Assura.

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