Debra Wilson

Associate ProfessorAPrf Debra Wilson

Meremere 316


Research Interests

Debra Wilson researches and publishes in Criminal Law and Medical Law.

Recent Publications

  • Wilson D. (2022) Mother not recorded: the story of Paige's Law. Bionews.
  • Wilson D. (2022) Outrage over a rapist's home detention highlights the need for victims voices in New Zealand's sentencing process. The Conversation.
  • Wilson D. (2022) Relying on non-reliance clauses in contracts. Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law 30(1): 69-69.
  • Wilson D. (2022) The offence/partial defence of infanticide in New Zealand law: past, current and future use. Otago Law Review.
  • Wilson D., Afzali U., Seren-Grace A., Jones R., Makarious S. and Palmer R. (2022) Detection of concealed knowledge via the ERP-based technique Brain fingerprinting: real life and real crime incidents. Psychophysiology 59: e14110-e14110.