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Student story

Robert Petch

20 July 2023

"UC has a more connected atmosphere than anywhere else..."


Tell us about your study combo – law, psychology and music!

I chose law and psychology because I want to go into criminal justice. I also play music semi-professionally outside uni, so it made sense to incorporate that into my degree. It provides a bit of balance within my studies.

What else have you been involved in?

I’ve been on the UN Youth Council, I helped found CurrySoc and I’ve done some photography work for UCSA. The clubs are a great way to meet people and put yourself out there.

Any highlights?

As part of UN Youth, UC sponsored two of us to go on a United States Leadership Tour. We went to San Francisco, Washington DC, New York and Boston, where we represented UC at the Harvard National Model UN Conference.

What surprised you about that trip?

The NGO leaders we met were a lot more down to earth than I expected. We met Helen Clark – she was very realistic and honest. The trip gave me a better idea of what I want to do after uni. It also put me off a few things, like too much bureaucracy. It’s useful to know what you don’t like too!

And you were able to head overseas again?

Yes! I went to Thailand for a 6 week internship. I taught English and also spent a lot of time volunteering at a foundation for neglected children which was extremely rewarding. 14 of us went and it was great spending time with UC students from other programmes as well.

Overall, what you love most about the UC experience?

I like to do outdoorsy stuff and Christchurch is great for that. You can finish class at 4pm and be mountain biking in the hills or swimming at the beach half an hour later. The campus is open and green. There's always a spot to sit and enjoy fresh air between lectures.

What are you getting at UC that you wouldn’t get anywhere else?

After seeing other universities and hearing from friends around the country, it's clear to me that UC has a more connected atmosphere than anywhere else. Add in the overseas internships and international exchanges – it’s definitely a place I’m happy to be part of!

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