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Student story

Rachel Tan

20 July 2023

"I particularly enjoy the flexibility of the Law degree at UC..."


Bachelor of Laws

UC was an easy choice for Rachel, following in her father’s footsteps, while also pursuing her own passion for Law.

"I particularly enjoy the flexibility of the Law degree at UC. Alongside Law and legal systems, my studies also touch on Criminal Justice and International Relations, providing me with practical skills on top of gaining relevant knowledge."

"My Dad was a UC graduate and my Mum also graduated from a New Zealand university, they love this place! I enjoy the tight-knit campus here, and compared to back home in Malaysia, life in Christchurch is quite relaxing. The whole kiwi culture is laidback and it does take a while to get used to!"

Rachel’s early exposure to law prior to attending UC sparked an interest and confirmed her decision to further her studies in the subject.

"I attended university-organised high school mooting, and also worked as a clerk in a Malaysian law firm last summer, dealing primarily with commercial law. Both experiences definitely deepened my understanding of how things actually work in the field of law, where a lot of negotiation is done compared to dramatic court cases you see on TV, or even how moots can sometimes turn out."

Another fantastic opportunity that Rachel has taken was the chance to be part of UN Youth NZ, working as an assistant at the Model United Nations Conference.

"Being a conference assistant we were in charge of keeping the events running smoothly, and making sure topics debated did not derail from the original issue. I also had the chance to act as a special rapporteur for a session. This is a bit like a problem solver for delegates, who are able to ask you for information during debates."

"Overall it was an interesting experience, and improved my knowledge on international relations and world issues as well. It was definitely insightful watching how model UN conferences play out."

This experience has opened Rachel’s mind when considering her future career plans after she finishes studying.

"I’d like to work as a legal officer in the UN. I’m really keen on the international aspect of it, being able to take on challenges that involve multinationals and to work as part of something bigger."

Rachel has made the most of the UC clubs on campus, not only for the social aspect but also as a way to get ahead on her studies, something she recommends to future Law students.

"I’m a member of LAWSOC and CRIMSOC, both of which I use mainly for the pre-exam tutoring that is on offer. When it comes to Law, time management is crucial for success, and it’s important to always stay organised!"

This approach towards her academic life provides Rachel with the perfect balance between study and free time, during which she enjoys travelling, drawing and hanging out in art museums.

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