Sexual Health

We are able to help with all aspects of your sexual and reproductive health, providing a confidential and friendly service. Our sexual health services include:


Free condoms are available or see a Nurse for a condom script (fee may apply). You need a nurse or doctor’s appointment for any ongoing contraception or emergency contraception. You will need to attend Family Planning for IUD insertion or anything to do with contraceptive rods. 

Pregnancy tests

You will need a nurse’s appointment for a pregnancy test.

Emergency contraception

The emergency contraceptive pill (morning after pill) is available and you can obtain it at an appointment with one of our nurses. It needs to be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex. A fee applies for International students and students registered outside Canterbury.

Sexual health and smears

Our nurses are qualified to take smears. They also provide sexual health checks including self-taken swabs (for women) and urine samples (for men). Your nurse will advise if you need blood tests for further investigation.


HPV Vaccine

Now available FREE for both females and males up to and including 26 years of age. Available for a fee to International Students. Book with Nurse.

To register or make an appointment, please contact us.