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Health tests

07 September 2023

From blood and hearing tests to drug screening and pre-employment medicals, see what health tests you can get done at UC's Health Centre.




Blood tests

Blood tests ordered by our doctors can be done at the UC Health Centre or Southern Community Lab. The nearest Southern Community Lab drop in clinic is 3b Waimairi Road. This is at Church Corner and is between Joe's Garage and the Westpac Bank. Blood tests for other providers is not taken at UC Health unless we have a prior arrangement. 


Hearing Tests

You can get a hearing test for employment or for a specialist referral. There is an additional fee for this service.


Health Checks

We encourage regular health checks if there is strong family history of heart disease or other long term conditions. A fee is occasionally charged for this service, please phone and speak to a nurse for advice.


Health Screening

Some fees apply for health screening services if they are not government funded or you are not registered with the Health Centre. Please speak to a nurse for more information.



Your doctor will advise you if an ECG is required. Fees apply for this service.



Students are often required to undergo medical assessments as part of pre-employment or as part of an application to a programme. Antarctic expeditions, the Armed Forces, diving and boxing medicals are the most common. When you book, we recommend stating what the medical is for so we can explain to you what is involved. Often you need to see both a nurse and a doctor and this can occur on different days to allow blood test results to be returned and evaluated. All medicals incur a fee, however this can sometimes be paid by a third party.


Lung function

We use spirometry to assess how well your lungs work. Because this requires a specialist nurse and up-to-date specialised equipment, a fee applies.


Test Results

Your doctor or nurse will discuss the procedure for getting results when the test is ordered.

We do our best to contact everyone with abnormal results but if you remain unwell or are feeling worse, please contact us again.

We recommend that you always find out the results of any test done and never assume that ‘no news is good news’. Contact us a week after your test if you have not received any results.

To register or make an appointment, please contact us.

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