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16 September 2023

You can make an appointment at the UC Health Centre by phone call or via the ManageMyHealth (MMH) patient portal. See about Appointments at the UC Health Centre.



Monday to Thursday 8.30am – 5pm
Friday 9am – 5pm

To make an appointment

Telephone: +64 3 369 44 44 (on campus: extension 94444)

Please do not come to the clinic in person to  book an appointment or if you need to be seen on the day - you must prebook ALL appointments via a telephone call or via MMH (online portal).


If we know the matter is urgent we will see you as soon as we can. A reminder text is usually sent the day before your booked appointment.


To cancel an appointment

Telephone: +64 3 369 44 44 (on campus: extension 94444)

A fee will be charged for not cancelling a booked appointment. Appointment times are indicative. The Doctors and Nurses try their best to be on time. However, due to the nature of general practice, and acute and unwell patients, there may be a wait time. Receptionists will advise you if there is a likely wait upon your arrival for your appointment.


Appointment selection:


Urgent appointments:

For the sudden onset of illness or emergencies of any type an urgent appointment can be made. These appointments are made with the doctor or the nurse using our duty nurse triage system. You will be assessed upon arrival and be seen depending on the urgency of your situation.


Routine appointments

Routine appointments are 15 minutes with the doctor or nurse. These are usually not available "on the day".


Duty Clinic

The duty clinic is for people requiring an urgent, same day appointment. Your initial assessment will be made by a nurse who may refer you to the doctor - though not necessarily on the same day. There are no appointment times and waiting times vary. If you are very unwell, please alert reception when you arrive.


Counselling appointments

Appointments with our counsellors are 50 minutes in duration and our patients usually have between one and six of these sessions. There is a waiting list. Please see the counselling services page for more information.


Patients with disabilities


There are designated disabled carparks available in the UCSA carpark near the Health Centre. The Centre is also equipped with automatic front doors and two disabled persons toilet facilities.

To register or make an appointment, please contact us.

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