The D.A. Kidd Collection

The D.A. Kidd Collection consists of twelve rare books from the personal library of Professor Douglas A. Kidd, which were donated to the Logie Collection. The books were a much appreciated gift from Douglas Kidd's daughters, Alison Lloyd Davies and Aileen Regan, in February 2013. With publications dating to as early as 1499, this collection includes early writing on astronomy, poetry and weather lore, and features translations of the writings of Aratus, Tacitus, Cicero, and Virgil amongst others.

An inspired poet and dedicated academic, Professor Kidd has many achievements to his name. His publications include the momentous translation and commentary of the astronomer-poet Aratus’ Phaenomena, and the 1957 Collins Gem Latin Dictionary which is still in use, though revised. In addition to being a renowned classicist and educator, Professor Kidd was also an avid collector, and sought out rare books to support his research interests.


DA Kidd Douglas Alexander Kidd (1913-2001)
DA Kidd bookplate Catalogue of the DA Kidd Collection