Canterbury College

Learning by Design: Building Canterbury College in the City 1873-1973. An illustrated history based on the Armson Collins Architectural Drawings Collection

A Matter of Perspective

In the 100 years that Canterbury College occupied the original town site, numerous architects played a role in designing and creating its many buildings. We are fortunate indeed that represented in the Armson Collins Collection are the designs of B.W. Mountfort, W.B. Armson, C.J. Mountfort, J.J. Collins, R.D. Harman, J.G. Collins, and S.H. Seager.

We are perhaps even more fortunate that at a time when architecture was still a developing profession, the architects involved in the creation of the College were both greatly skilled and showed a dedication to high standards. The individual styles and visions of each of these architects shaped the way Canterbury College was to develop over time. And yet overall the College buildings, linked as they are to the ideals of Gothic architecture, form a harmonious and beautiful site.

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