Canterbury College

Learning by Design: Building Canterbury College in the City 1873-1973. An illustrated history based on the Armson Collins Architectural Drawings Collection

Legacy of Design

The Armson Collins Architectural Drawings Collection represents an essential component of the story of Canterbury University. However, the Collection has much more to offer than just a single glimpse into the construction of Canterbury College. It is the multitude of ways in which the one collection can be examined and interpreted that indicates its true value. Architectural historian Ian Lochhead has commented that “The process of exploring the Armson Collins Collections will be in a very real sense, the process of rediscovering a large part of the architectural history of Christchurch itself.”

Given the importance of the collection, ensuring that it will survive for future generations to enjoy and profit from is vital. The project to digitize the collection, and share a small sample of it through this online exhibition, is just one step in the process of maintaining the drawings.

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