International student enrolment

Enrolling at UC is a simple and easy process - follow the steps here and be on your way to being a student at UC.

myUC is the University of Canterbury's student portal and the first step on your path to enrolling for study at UC. If you are enrolling for the first time, you will need to create a new account. If you already have a myUC account please login using your existing usercode and password.

You should complete your application through myUC as soon as possible. Closing dates may differ depending on the qualification you are applying for so make sure you check if your qualification requires a special application.

Start your application

After creating your account or logging into your existing account, you will be asked to START or RESUME your application.

You will then need to complete your identification details, together with citizenship and residency information.

The next step is to tell us how you are being admitted to the University.  If you have completed your schooling outside of New Zealand you will be asked to provide us with details on your English language proficiency and you will have the ability to upload your English language certificate if appropriate. 

You will be required to advise us of how you are funding your study in New Zealand.

Before you can start your qualification at UC you must first meet university entrance requirements by seeing if you are eligible. UC also offers a number of transition programmes that help students get ready for study. An email will then be sent to you with the admission requirements for the qualification you wish to study. 

You will now be able to select your qualification, include your majors/minors if appropriate and advise if you wish to study a concurrent qualification.

You will be asked to complete your academic history – secondary and tertiary. FInd out here how to transfer credits from another Institution.

The next step is to advise us of when you intend to commence your study at UC.

Before you submit your application you will need to read and accept the Student declaration

What are you agreeing to?

By agreeing YES, I declare that all the information submitted in this application form and in the attached documents is correct and complete, and that I accept the terms of the Student Code of Conduct. I acknowledge that if I provide incorrect or incomplete information this may result in the cancellation of my enrolment. I acknowledge that the submission of fraudulent, forged, or otherwise dishonest documentation in support of this application will automatically disqualify me from enrolment. I understand that in such a case the University of Canterbury reserves the right to inform all other New Zealand universities of the fact along with my name and date of birth and that the Police and/or Immigration may also be informed. I consent to the collection and use of my personal information as outlined above.

Once you submit

Once you have saved and submitted your application you will not be able to return to make any changes. If any further changes are required please contact us on 0800 VARSITY (827 748), international +64 3 369 4999, or email

When you become fully enrolled, with your qualification and courses accepted, you will then be able to make changes to your enrolment.

Some additional questions will be asked to progress your enrolment.


You can find information on the fees here, both tuition, non-tuition and special application fees and you will be able to determine if you are eligible for a rebate on your Student Services Levy

Additional Details

Your next step is to complete your address (both permanent and where you will reside during your study) and emergency contact details.   You will also be required to advise us of your ethnicity, however if your ethnicity does not appear on the prescribed list please select “Other”.

You will also be asked if English is your first language, whether you live with the effects of a long-term illness, injury or disability as well as the New Zealand Ministry of Education required questions.

International Student Insurance

To enrol at the University of Canterbury, international students (including International PhD students) must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand.  The default Student Insurance policy is Studentsafe-University Insurance, however there are other compliant Insurance providers.  If you choose to choose to purchase insurance from an Insurer not listed on our website, this will require an assessment. The completed application must be sent to four (4) weeks prior to the commencement of your study.

Congratulations!  We are now creating a student identification for you.  You will receive an email confirming your Student ID number and then you can continue with your application.

Courses are the building blocks of degrees. Each course has a code (eg CHEM 111 is first year course in Chemistry) and is worth a certain number of points. These points count towards your qualification when you have passed the course. The more work a course requires, the more points it's worth.

You will also need to check if your selected qualification or course(s) requires a special application in the year before enrolment and whether your selected courses have a limited number of places available.

Course Advice

It is essential that you seek advice from your relevant college Student Advisors to plan which courses you will need to take this year and also to help plan courses for following years of study. We recommend you contact your student advisor prior to arriving in New Zealand.

Course Occurrences

When you enrol, choose carefully the course occurrence for the semester and site in which you wish to study the course. Course occurrence codes are listed under each course. The code describes when and where the course is offered. For example, PHYS 101-18S1(C) means the course is first year (100 level) and offered in 2018 (18), in semester 1 (S1), in Christchurch (C).  If you are studying a distance course, be sure to choose the course code with (D) to ensure you receive your course material.

Course Workload

A normal first-year workload for a full-time student is 105-120 points (7-8 courses). At some levels you may need to take a mix of 15 point courses and courses with other points values. A typical full-time student with a good NCEA Level 3 or scholarship result would aim for 120 points per year. Please note you will be required to be enrolled in at least 90 points per year to meet  Immigration NZ student visa requirements. 

Once you have submitted your Application to Enrol, colleges, schools and/or departments will then review your chosen qualification and courses. If they are approved you will receive an Offer of Place. 

Enrolment Offer

Your Enrolment Offer will only be issued once you have completed your enrolment in person on campus.  This usually takes place the week before lectures start.

When you have officially accepted your Enrolment offer you are eligible for a Canterbury Card and can pick this up from Security.  You will need to bring photo identification with you eg.  passport. 

Confirmation of enrolment

Once you are fully enrolled, you will be sent an email confirming this. This email also provides details on how to get your Canterbury CardPassword, Timetables and LEARN information.

Withdrawing an application

If you decide to withdraw your application, you must formally let the University know. The easiest way to do this is through myUC. If your change of enrolment has been approved, you will be emailed a notification of the change to your student email address.

By accepting the Enrolment Offer and agreeing to the student declaration you formally become liable for the associated fees.  In order for International students to apply for their student visa in their home country they will need to provide evidence that they have pre-paid their tuition fees.

You will be officially and fully enrolled once your tuition fees are paid or suitable payment arrangements have been made. There is no provision for payment by instalments. There are no facilities on campus to pay with cash.

Only when your fees are paid will you be sent any distance material you require.

Pay your fees

We accept the following payment methods:

  • in person (cheque, credit card or EFTPOS)
  • by post (cheque)
  • online (Visa / Mastercard)
  • other agent (Western Union, Scholarship, Sponsorship, Staff fee waiver)
  • student loan

There are also non-tuition fees that will also need to be paid including administration fee and the Student Services Levy.

If you withdraw, you may be eligible for a tuition-fee refund.

If you require any assistance please give us a call on 0800 VARSITY (0800 827 748) or email us at

Congratulations!  You are now on your way to becoming fully enrolled.  We look forward to seeing you at International Enrolment in Person!  All our best for your studies! 

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