International student enrolment

How to complete your enrolment at UC as an international student

We look forward to welcoming all our international students for study on campus in 2023.  Follow these steps to make the enrolment process easy. 

Step 1. Apply to enrol in myUC

Applications are now open for 2023 courses! Create a myUC account and apply today.

Coming from a NZ high school?

Choose "Waiting on NCEA/UE results" as your 'Admission Reason'. Ask your school for evidence of your attendance to include with your visa application before school closes for the summer holidays.

Have an international qualification?

You will need to have your admission to UC assessed first. Check what you need for your chosen qualification and apply in myUC.

Already a UC student?

The Enrolments team will prepare an Offer of Place for you to include with your visa application once you have submitted your Application to Enrol in myUC.

Step 2. Pre-pay your tuition fees

Pay the tuition fees estimate shown on your Offer of Place - this can be found in your Document Library in myUC (top right-hand corner). You will need to provide evidence you have paid your fees in full with your student visa application.

If the amount you pre-pay is different from your final fees total, you will be charged or refunded the difference later. If you are unable to complete your enrolment (eg if  your visa application is declined) Student Finance will arrange a refund of your pre-paid tuition fees. 

Step 3. Apply for your student visa

If your current visa expires between now and 31 March 2023 or you do not have a current student visa, apply for your student visa for 2023 study on the Immigration New Zealand website. More info is available on the UC Student Visa page


Step 4. Choose your courses 

Choose your courses and add them to your application in myUC. You will normally need to be full-time for your student visa. 

Check that the courses you are planning to take satisfy the requirements of your intended qualification(s). You should also consider your study pathway (for example meeting the pre-requisites for future courses). For advice on how to plan your study pathway, contact your Student Advisor.  If you are working towards a double degree or conjoint degree you should check your courses with both Student Advisors. The Regulations for each qualification can be found on the relevant Qualifications page

If you have not met the prerequisites or co-requisites for courses you are wanting to add, contact the Course Coordinator or relevant Student Advisor. You may also need to apply for an exemption from a prerequisite.

Business Taught Masters (BTM) students will have their courses added by UC Business School staff.


Step 5. Complete your enrolment

Once your courses are approved and you have received your new student visa, you can complete your enrolment.

If you're new to UC or you're a continuing UC student with a new passport

Register for a session to complete your enrolment in person with the Enrolments team (at Te Pātaka, Puaka-James Hight). Take your passport and visa with you to your registered session and the team will give you an Enrolment Agreement to accept. Once you've accepted your Enrolment Agreement and paid any outstanding fees, you will have officially completed your enrolment.

If you're arriving in NZ after studying offshore

Once you've received your student visa and booked your flights, email with the following:

  • your UC student ID number
  • your full name
  • your intended arrival date in New Zealand
  • your flight details
  • a copy of your visa

Then register for a session to complete your enrolment in person for when you arrive on campus. During your session you will show the Enrolments team your passport and current visa, update your enrolment details, pay any outstanding fees, and update your contact details (with your Christchurch address and mobile number, and emergency contact details).  Once your enrolment details are confirmed you will receive an Enrolment Agreement to accept; this will complete your enrolment.

Complete your enrolment in person

with the Enrolments Team in Te Pātaka, Level 3 Puaka-James Hight

If you're a current UC student and you've already shown your current passport to the Enrolments team 

You do not need to book a session to complete your enrolment in person. As soon as you have received your new visa, send evidence through to with your UC student ID number, and you will receive an Enrolment Agreement to accept.  Once you've accepted your Enrolment Agreement and paid any outstanding fees, you will have officially completed your enrolment. Find out your next steps here

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Contact us

For more information on the enrolment process contact the Enrolments Team

For student visa enquiries email

For insurance enquiries email

For student finance enquiries email  

Remember to include your UC student ID number and full name in all communication with UC.

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