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Amandine Bosserelle

02 August 2022

Higher ocean levels mean the groundwater will rise too, sometimes exposing coastal cities and settlements to emerging hazards such as groundwater flooding and saltwater intrusion.

Green hydrogen

02 August 2022

UC academics Andy Nicol and David Dempsey join Ludmila Adam and Kēpa Morgan to dig deeper into New Zealand's green hydrogen future, raising cultural and technical issues to be addressed, in an article on The Conversation.

Daniel van der walt

02 August 2022

The traditional practice of awarding construction projects to the lowest bidder is no longer working. Game theory offers an alternative mindset for procurement, showing players it’s not just about winning or losing but how to stay in the game.

Roy Chowdhury

25 July 2022

Are we measuring the road distress (rutting) accurately enough in the transportation research laboratories?

PD Structural Eng

19 July 2022

Are you a structural engineer who wants to upskill in Structural Design Practice and/or Assessment and Retrofit?

Bryann Avendaño

01 July 2022

Environmental scientist Bryann Avendaño is one of eight international students studying in Aotearoa New Zealand invited to design his own graduation gown. It’s part of Education New Zealand’s Think New initiative, emphasising New Zealand’s unique attributes for international students and that an education here is about more than academic achievements and extends to their cultural journey.

Non structrural elements in an earthquake

27 June 2022

Research into the earthquake performance of buildings at the University of Canterbury has led the field in an unexpected new direction. Dr Rajesh Dhakal, Professor of Structural and Earthquake Engineering at UC, reveals the new angle on building resilience and explains why it matters.

Recast project Giovanni

20 June 2022

UC team undertakes large scale experimental test to assess the seismic performance of hollow core floor systems.

Dr Brian Guo

13 June 2022

Dr Brian Guo, UC Civil and Natural Resources, and UC Doctoral student Zhe Zhang, along with Associate Professor Goh Yang Miang (National University of Singapore), address an emerging issue related to the safety of human-robot collaboration in construction.

Derek Li

03 June 2022

#Earth&Ocean Sonar technology is being used to detect blocked and damaged underground water pipes in Canterbury and it has the potential to become a powerful water conservation tool.

Dr Giuseppe Loporacaro

02 June 2022

Advances in 3D concrete printing technologies are creating exciting opportunities to build homes faster, more sustainably and at reduced cost. University of Canterbury (UC), architectural engineer Dr Giuseppe Loporcaro is leading a research project to refine low-carbon, seismically resilient solutions for 3D printed homes suited to New Zealand conditions.

Professor Tom Cochrane (far right) next to former PhD student Thanh Duc Dang

31 May 2022

#Earth&Ocean Vietnam’s Mekong Delta is a global agro-economic powerhouse, home to 17 million people, but rising sea levels and the unsustainable management of water and sediment could drown the delta by the end of the century.

Dr Alberto Ardid

31 May 2022

#Earth&Ocean Hidden patterns in seismic signals could help forecast eruptions and prevent loss of life on volcanoes, according to pioneering University of Canterbury research spurred by the deadly Whakaari (White Island) eruption.

Jitendra Bhata

30 May 2022

It is important that the design and detailing of the panel-to-structure connections ensure that their strength and displacement capacity are adequate to meet the corresponding seismic demands, at least during design level earthquakes says UC PhD successor Dr Jitendra Bhatta.

Dr Rebecca Peer

30 May 2022

The New Zealand government has pledged an ambitious intention: to achieve 100% reliance on renewable energy within the electricity sector, 100% of the time, by 2030. Our renewable energy expert Dr Peer says that reaching that goal is mission critical. So, how far along the journey are we, and can we get there?

Muhammad Rashid

30 May 2022

Muhammad Rashid's research into current piping systems of NZ buildings will be used to improve NZ standards.

PhD Scholarships available

27 May 2022

Studying a PhD gives you the chance to really immerse yourself in an area you enjoy.  You can have the freedom to work on something you are passionate about, be innovative, and really create change. There's no better place to study civil engineering than in a city that is being rebuilt!

Andres Fire lab online learning

23 May 2022

Online versus in person learning – does it work for subjects like engineering? Here’s what pandemic lockdowns have inadvertently revealed about how we learn.

Mustafa Mashal

23 May 2022

Welcome to our new Erskine Fellow, Dr. Mustafa Mashal.

Tom Cochrane

18 May 2022

'Our Land and Water' funding of $130k has been won to support a project titled "Future Agriculture: Modelling pathways to sustainability, resilience and profitability in arable agriculture".

Karan Titus

18 May 2022

UC postgraduate student Karan Titus is looking at new ways to combine geothermal with bioenergy, to supercharge renewable electricity and create a carbon sink.

UC Forestry part of new multi-million industry

17 May 2022

On The Conversation, Civil and Natural Resources Engineering lecturers Rebecca Peer and David Dempsey, and PhD student Karan Titus explain geothermal BECCS, a new method to capture electricity production emissions and trap them in geothermal fields.

David Dempsey

16 May 2022

University of Canterbury engineering researchers are investigating an innovative method that could solve two wicked problems of climate change – creating renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions.

Senior Lecturer Dr David Dempsey and Professor Andy Nicol

11 May 2022

The Aotearoa New Zealand goal of zero emissions by 2050 brings urgency and pressure to create enough green hydrogen and safely store it for the future.

Julian Rincon

28 April 2022

UC Civil Engineering PhD Candidate Julian Rincon has been awarded the NZSEE (New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering) Research Scholarship Award at todays NZSEE 2022 Conference.

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