Chemical and Process Engineering people

Academic staff

Peter Gostomski

Fields of Research:
- Air pollution control technology
- Biofiltration, trickling filters
- Bioprocess ...

Aaron Marshall

Associate Professor
Deputy Head of Department
Fields of Research:
- Redox flow batteries
- Photoelectrochemical redox batteries
- Electrocatalytic CO2 reduction ...

Matthew Cowan

Fields of Research:
- Materials for use in energy-related applications
- Separation of hydrocarbons
- Membranes for ...

Alfred Herritsch

Senior Tutor

Daniel Holland

Associate Professor
Director of Second Professional Year Studies
Fields of Research:
- particulate flow
- CFD for multiphase flow
- manufacture of fertilisers
- signal processing for ...

Ken Morison

Associate Professor
Director of Intermediate and First Professional Year Studies
Fields of Research:
- Dairy & food process engineering, modelling & simulation
- Physical properties, ...

Shusheng Pang

Fields of Research:
- Drying fundamentals and technologies
- Gas absorption process
- Heat and mass transfer ...

Matt James Watson

Director of Second Professional Year Studies
Fields of Research:
- Domestic production of maple syrup
- Ultra high temperature electrolytic reduction of metal ...

Alex Yip

Senior Lecturer
Director of Third Professional Year Studies
Fields of Research:
- Water-gas shift reaction
- Environmental catalysis using advanced oxidation ...

Luke Schneider

Senior Lecturer
Fields of Research:
- Biomarkers and Clinical Diagnostics
- Metabolic Engineering
- Food Processing and Product ...

Carlo Carere

Fields of Research:
- • Mitigation of industrial greenhouse gas emissions using extremophilic microorg
- • Ecology ...

Heon Park


Joanne Pollard

Link Rm 405
Internal Phone: 92950

Graham Furniss

Systems Administrator
Computer/Electronics Technician
Cape Wing Rm 101
Internal Phone: 93616

Post Doctoral and Research Associates

Yevgen Matviychuk

Post Doctoral Fellow
Internal Phone: 94152

Kathryn Wigley

Post Doctoral Fellow
Internal Phone: 90135

Technical staff

Stephen Beuzenberg

Electronics Technician
Electrical and Electronics Workshop
CAPE Wing Rm 115
Internal Phone: 94126

Rayleen Fredericks

Biological Technician
Research (Laboratory) Technician
Cape Wing Rm 212
Internal Phone: 93673

Graham Mitchell

Mechanical Workshop
Cape Wing Rm 103A
Internal Phone: 94123

Leigh Richardson

Mechanical Workshop
Cape Wing Rm 103A
Internal Phone: 94122

Michael Sandridge

Analytical Technician, Acting Safety Officer
Cape Wing Rm 212
Internal Phone: 93676

Garrick Thorn

Operations Engineer
Link Rm 312
Internal Phone: 93804

Frank Weerts

Mechanical Workshop
Cape Wing Rm 103A
Internal Phone: 94121

Glenn Wilson

Accounts, Stores and Purchasing
Cape Wing Rm 111
Internal Phone: 93677

Kun Zhao

Systems and Electronics Technician
Internal Phone: 90463

Affiliated staff

The work of our academic staff is supported by internal and external affiliate staff, including former Chemical and Process Engineering staff who remain active in the field.

Conan Fee

Head of School
Fields of Research:
- 3D Printing of porous media, including chromatography media
- Bioseparations ...

Chris Williamson

Senior Lecturer (retired)
Research Interests:
Research interests include:-Wood gasification for combined heat and power systems in the wood processing industry and for the production of liquid ...

Brian Earl

Assistant Lecturer

John Abrahamson

Research Interests:
Research interests include:-Nanoparticle research: A continuous arc process has been designed developed and patented for making nanotubes more ...

Tim Huber


Emeritus staff

Roger Keey

Emeritus Professor

Arthur Williamson

Emeritus Professor

Erskine Fellows

A bequest by former distinguished student John Angus Erskine enables some 70 Visiting Erskine Fellowships to be awarded each year for international visitors to give lectures. Chemical and Process Engineering hosts many distinguished Erskine Fellows. A full and up-to-date list of past and present Erskine visitors is available on the Erskine Fellowship pages.