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Student story

Sara-Louise Williams

20 July 2023

"The friends I’ve made in my course is the highlight of my studies..."


Why did you decide on UC?

I wanted to move away from home, and this was the university with the best ratings for Engineering. I was also attracted by the efforts UC puts in to foster a positive student culture ie, clubs, scholarships, uni events.

The student culture is the perfect balance between eventful and social without being detrimental to my studies. I’ve met lots of different people that have motivated me to try new activities: I went skiing and tramping for the first time, picked up a new sport, etc. I enjoy playing ultimate frisbee with the UC Ultimate club and I’m the Marketing Executive this year.

What’s it like helping other students as a UC Mentor and the Wellbeing Officer for the UC Global Society?

I grew up in France and went on exchange during high school. Because of these experiences, I enjoy meeting and helping international students. I’ve done so through UC mentoring and often help at the international student Open Day.

And you’re an EngMe Mentor as well – any advice specifically for Engineering students?

I would recommend talking to older students; because Engineering is far broader than can first appear, many people have misconceptions about what will be studied. Finding support once studying is also important: mentors, peer support, study groups etc.

What helped you decide to do Chemical and Process Engineering?

A big driver was the potential to improve essential processes which are currently very polluting. This could significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The degree is quite diverse, with our courses ranging from maths and coding to microbiology.

The friends I’ve made in my course is the highlight of my studies. I also enjoy the labs, the fact that no two assignments are the same, and the sense of achievement that comes from completing a challenging task. There is a balance between theory and practical lab work which is engaging. The courses require many hours of self-led study.

Personally, I also appreciate that Chemical and Process Engineering leaves my options quite open, I could work in many different industries.

So what are your career plans?

I would love to get into management or maybe start my own business. It is important for me that whatever I do contributes positively to the environment.

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