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Health, safety & well-being information

04 December 2023

Te Tari Pūhanga Tukanga Matū | Chemical and Process Engineering (CAPE) has a range of health, safety, and well-being information. From department safety to tracked chemicals, learn more about CAPE health and safety.

Departmental safety information
  1. Watch the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) lab accidents video "Experimenting with danger".  A link is found below under the 'External sources of H&S information' heading.
  2. Review the CAPE safety manual and look at the H&R form
  3. Go to the 'CAPE Safety Page' on Learn
  4. Complete the CAPE safety quiz and achieve the required grade (indicated on the quiz)
  5. Contact the Analytical Technicians and arrange a lab induction
  6. Contact the CAPE Admin Team who will confirm your safety quiz result and contact the security

For users outside of CAPE completing this process to gain access to analytical equipment, you are still required to ensure you have been appropriately trained and approved to use the particular equipment. Please coordinate with the Safety Officer.

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