Billy O'Steen

Associate ProfessorBilly O'Steen

Bachelor of Youth and Community Leadership (BYCL) Programme Coordinator
Rehua 519
The work of a university is to affect change with our students, with our staff, and with our local and wider communities.


Research Interests

My research focuses on innovative curriculum design and professional development with a particular emphasis on experiential education and service-learning. I am interested in the effects and impacts that educational experiences have on learners and then determining how to make them more effective. As much of my research occurs outside the classroom, I am especially focused on looking at the individual components of field experiences and linking those to the course learning outcomes, the UC Graduate Profile attributes, and the UC vision of tangata tū, tangata ora - people prepared to make a difference. Both this research focus and my methodologies of qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis have positioned me to work across the disciplines of arts, business, education, engineering, law, and science. With my work in all of these, there is a consistent theme of researching to affect change and how best to prepare colleagues and students to make a difference.

Recent Publications

  • Luo Z., Brown C. and O’Steen B. (2021) Factors contributing to teachers’ acceptance intention of gamified learning tools in secondary schools: An exploratory study. Education and Information Technologies 26(5): 6337-6363.
  • Luo Z., O’Steen B. and Brown C. (2020) Flipped learning wheel (FLW): a framework and process design for flipped L2 writing classes. Smart Learning Environments 7(1)
  • Luo Z., O'Steen W. and Brown C. (2020) The Use of Eye-tracking Technology to Identify Visualisers and Verbalisers: Accuracy and Contributing Factors. Interactive Technology and Smart Education.
  • O'Steen B. (2018) Planting seeds to grow through to, for, with, and by. Transform: The Journal of Engaged Scholarship 2(1): 62-63.
  • O'Steen WL. (2017) Are our students ready? Preparing for moments of truth through community engagement. Transform: The Journal of Engaged Scholarship 1(2) 3: 32-40.