Billy O'Steen

Associate ProfessorBilly O'Steen

Rehua 406
Internal Phone: 92093


Research Interests

Research focuses on innovative curriculum design and professional development with a particular emphasis on experiential education and service-learning.

Recent Publications

  • O'Steen WL. (2017) Are our students ready? Preparing for moments of truth through community engagement. Transform: The Journal of Engaged Scholarship 1(2) 3: 32-40.
  • O'Steen WL. (2017) Dancing in the dusk: It takes a village to raise cross-cultural awareness. Whiteria Service-Learning Journal.
  • Nesbit T., O'Steen WL., Bell T. and Martin A. (2016) The journey from texting to applications on personally owned devices to enhance student eEngagement in large lectures: A pilot study. Journal of Applied Computing and Information Technology 20(1): 1-15.
  • O'Steen WL. and Johnson S. (2016) Just get out of their way! Enabling young Kiwis to make a difference. set: Research Information for Teachers 2016(3): 58-59.
  • Soutter A., O'Steen B. and Gilmore A. (2014) The student well-being model: a conceptual framework for the development of student well-being indicators. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth 19(4): 496-520.