Tiana - Bachelor of Arts in Music with a minor in Media and Communication

‘I started my degree in performance music, and as the years went on I grew as a person and had an urge to develop my skills in media. I found I had a passion for music events and I wanted to find out what goes on behind the scenes,’ she says. ‘Music at UC is a great subject to take if you want to incorporate your other interests into your degree.’

Grace Millar square

Grace - Music Specialist - Bachelor of Music with Honours

‘Currently my career goal is to become a leading music specialist in the field of musical play therapy. Helping at the Champion Centre and the many opportunities and possibilities for research have given me a passion in a field I had never considered before beginning the internship.

‘Attending UC was the best decision of my life because it nurtured my passion and led me to the career I want to pursue. UC is a beautiful campus and the School of Music has amazing and supportive staff.’

Matthew Harris square

Matthew - Conductor - Bachelor of Music

‘I have enjoyed learning more about the music I play on a regular basis, particularly how a piece was written and the history behind both the piece and the composer. I chose to study at UC because I value the connections between the University and professionals in the music scene in Christchurch, and I can learn from some of the best musicians in the city who tutor here.’

Relevant qualifications: Bachelor of Music

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