Matt - Freelance Musician - Bachelor of Music / Bachelor of Laws with Honours

'Being from Christchurch, I knew that studying at UC would mean I could be part of a vibrant and welcoming wider music community,’... ‘There are many opportunities to get involved that have arisen since the earthquakes, and there are leadership opportunities and a close network of family and friends.’

As well as several music scholarships, Matt came to UC on an Emerging Leaders’ scholarship, for students showing leadership potential and sporting, cultural and community involvement. They are worth up to $5000 and include a leadership programme and he is keen to make the most of the opportunities this provides.

Grace Millar square

Grace - Music Specialist - Bachelor of Music with Honours

‘Currently my career goal is to become a leading music specialist in the field of musical play therapy. Helping at the Champion Centre and the many opportunities and possibilities for research have given me a passion in a field I had never considered before beginning the internship.

‘Attending UC was the best decision of my life because it nurtured my passion and led me to the career I want to pursue. UC is a beautiful campus and the School of Music has amazing and supportive staff.’

Andrew withington square

Andrew – Musical Director – PhD in Music

'My PhD is directly related to the work that I am doing within the community and throughout New Zealand. It is fantastic to have the opportunity to focus on your passions and it’s very rewarding,’ he says. ‘I have always had a passion for choral singing and conducting, and I am so fortunate to be working and studying in my passion area.'

Relevant qualifications: Bachelor of Music

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