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Diversity, flexibility and choice

27 August 2023

UC offers nearly 50 subjects to students from diverse backgrounds and orientations. From Anthropology and Human Services to Te Reo Māori, our Arts students can combine subjects with a mix of majors, minors, double majors, and other qualifications. Check out the diversity, flexibility, and choice available for studying Arts at UC.

Explore a range of options

Our three-year Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree is hugely flexible and you can mix and match subjects across a range of disciplines. This allows you to explore a wide range of subjects, try things out and see what you like before you specialize and progress in your career. We also offer specialised degrees in MusicFine ArtsSocial Work and Communication.

Get involved in clubs

Outside of lectures and workshops, UC has a thriving club culture. There are plenty of UC Clubs who relate to the College, such as Classoc, UC Linguistics, UC Pols, UC Film, UC FrenchSoc, Musoc, PoetrySoc, Socrates Soc, and the Medieval and Renaissance Society.

Max Farra Profile

"I’m studying towards a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in French and Political Science. I’m also taking some Law. The College of Arts has been really accommodating. They’ve allowed me to dip my toe in the water and mix Law with my BA. There’s been a lot of flexibility in terms of being able to take what interests me. The diversity of choice in the BA programme is brilliant. The flexibility keeps things interesting – I’m not forced to choose between my passions to fit into a box. I’ve been able to study what I want and gain practical knowledge in a range of areas."

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