Marketing, Media & Communication

Kirsten - Marketing Specialist - Bachelor of Arts (Media & Communication)

Kirsten completed a UC Arts degree in Media and Communication, and now specialises as a marketing co-ordinator at a global company, Tait Communications. She found that critical skills she learnt in her Media & Communications graduate degree, helped her immensely in her new role, and she believes that these skills would’ve been far more difficult to learn on the job.  

'It's those soft skills that are really important. Like being able to think critically, being able to do research and being proactive about information that you use. Those things are so important, and they are harder to teach in the workforce.'

Julia Arnott-Neenee square

Julia - Insights Manager - Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Commerce

After graduating Julia moved to Australia for work in market research, and now works in San Diego, California for Hewlett Packard. Julia was able to incorporate her studies in Political Science and Media and Communication into her Marketing skills.

‘What I have loved the most around my subjects is the freedom for your imagination, especially in Marketing. Being able to analyse, research then create and implement marketing strategies really excites me.


Relevant qualifications: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Communication, Master of Strategic Communication

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