Emma - Foreign Policy Officer, MFAT

Emma is currently working as a Foreign Policy Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Emma’s degree in Media and Communication at UC has helped her immensely. She uses the skills she gained from her Arts degree daily, to provide expert advice about foreign policy, trade and economic matters. 

“You really need solid critical thinking skills, research and analytical skills. But foremost you really need great relationship management and interpersonal skills. I gained all of that through my study at the University of Canterbury.”

Ashley Stuart student profile - square

Ashley - Policy Analyst - Master of European Union Studies

Ashley is currently working as a Graduate Policy Analyst at the New Zealand Treasury. Specifically, working in the Welfare and Oranga Tamariki team in assessing policy initiatives regarding child wellbeing and child poverty reduction for their social, fiscal and wellbeing implications. Ashley has the opportunity to engage and learn from some of the top policy minds in New Zealand, 'It has been really rewarding, I really am learning from the best.'

Zac Neill

Zac - Advisor - Masters of Policy and Governance

Zac currently works as an advisor at the New Zealand Transport Agency. His Masters of Policy and Governance (MPAG) gave him the toolkit to succeed in the public sector. 'I learnt how to organise a large project and perform long-form research from doing my dissertation, as well as writing for Government through a mock cabinet paper. It meant that I could skip my "graduate" year in public policy and be able to jump right into the middle of tough policy challenges.' To succeed in his field Zac also needs to have good time management, strong writing skills and the ability to influence the reader through his writing. Zac believes that he 'began to foster these skills during the completion of his MPAG.'

Relevant qualifications: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Communication, Master of Policy and Governance, Master of International Relations and Diplomacy, Master of European Union Studies

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