Tahu - Māori Education Advisor - Bachelor of Arts with Honours (Media & Communication)

After finishing his Media and Communication degree at the University of Canterbury, Tahu set off to start a career he is truly passionate about. He now works for the iwi Ngāi Tahu’s tribal council as a Maori education advisor.

'My ability to write was strengthened by the course. In the way of learning different styles from journalistic styles to writing academically as well ... For me working for Ngāi Tahu, and getting to work directly with whanau to tell them about the opportunities that are available to them, and to help them with their educational aspirations; it's something that I really wanted to do.'

Kyle - History Teacher - Master of Arts / Bachelor of Science

‘While I highly value the skills and knowledge I have attained from my study in History, Geography and Political Science, the critical thinking skills I have learned from Philosophy were the best preparation for learning new skills and concepts. Philosophy taught me how to attain new knowledge, and that in turned has enabled me to complete the other majors I am now learning to teach.’

Sae Won Chung square

Sae Won - Research Professor - Doctor of Philosophy (European Studies)

‘The most valuable part of my time at NCRE was networking and seminars conducted by EU experts and elites. I really enjoyed the world-class experience with lots of different international key figures related with the European Union (EU and its Member States diplomats to NZ, renowned scholars in that field) and students from many other countries (from China, Russia, Latin America and Europe). Your classmates will become one of the valuable connections worldwide.’

Relevant qualifications: Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts

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