Anthropology and Sociology contacts

Key contacts

Lyndon Fraser

Associate Professor
Sociology / Anthropology Head of Department
Elsie Locke 613
Internal Phone: 95544

Tiina Vares

Senior Lecturer
Undergraduate Co-ordinator
Elsie Locke 616
Internal Phone: 93774

Jarrod Gilbert

Senior Lecturer
Honours Co-ordinator
Elsie Locke 610b
Internal Phone: 95541

Alison Loveridge

Postgraduate Co-ordinator
Elsie Locke 619
Internal Phone: 94535

Patricia Ydgren

School Administrator
Anthropology, Sociology
Locke 615
Internal Phone: 94365

Academic staff

Michael Grimshaw

Associate Professor
Elsie Locke 621
Internal Phone: 94434

Piers Locke

Senior Lecturer
Elsie Locke 620
Internal Phone: 94390

Ruth McManus

Associate Professor
Senior Lecturer
Elsie Locke 603b
Internal Phone: 94329

Greg Newbold

Elsie Locke 622
Internal Phone: 95486

Steven Ratuva

Locke 105
Internal Phone: 95952

Zhifang Song

Lecturer in Anthropology
Elsie Locke 618
Internal Phone: 95568

Adjunct staff 

Rosemary Ann du Plessis

Adjunct Associate Professor
Sociology 208
Internal Phone: 94320

Roger Fyfe

Adjunct Associate Professor Senior Curator of Human History, Canterbury Museum

Victoria Grace

Emeritus Professor
Sociology 306
Internal Phone: 6692

Lisa McDonald

Associate Curator of Human History, Canterbury Museum


David Giles