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Rosemary du Plessis


Language, Social and Political Sciences

07 November 2023


  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (Rhodes University)

  • Master of Arts (University of Canterbury)

Research Interests

Rosemary Du Plessis has long term interests in gender, family, work and embodiment. She has edited two collections of feminist writing and contributed to a variety of studies relating to women's paid and unpaid work. Between 2003 and 2005 she led the Constructive Conversations/ Korero Whakaaetanga research programme which focused on genetic testing and biobanking. This multi-disciplinary, multi-sited research programme explored the social, cultural, ethical and spiritual implications of new health biotechnologies. Her involvement in research relating to public participation in debates about new technologies is a component of a long term interest in citizenship, inclusion and the development of public policy. She was a member of the New Zealand National Commission for UNESCO 2004-9. During 2009 and 2010 she worked part-time for the Ministry for Culture and Heritage as Theme Editor for 'Social Connections' - a set of entries Te Ara: the Encyclopedia of New Zealand. These entries include information about families, community organisations, religion, health and crime as well as inequalities associated with ethnicity, gender and class. After the 2010/2011 Canterbury earthquake sequence, she became involved in research with the National Council of Women on women's experiences of the Canterbury quakes - Women's Voices - Nga Reo o Nga Wahine. Outputs from this research (oral history interviews, interview summaries and reports) are available on UC CEISMIC.

  • Oral history and natural disasters
  • Gender politics and feminist analysis
  • State policy and political change
  • Science, technology and health politics
  • Autobiography and social practice
  • Families, sexualities and domestic life

Recent Publications

  • Heng L., Quinlivan K. and du Plessis R. (2022) Deconstructing initial teacher education: a critical approach. International Journal of Inclusive Education 26(6): 609-621.
  • Vidwans M. and Du Plessis RA. (2020) Crafting careers in accounting: redefining gendered selves. Pacific Accounting Review 32(1): 32-53.
  • Du Plessis RA., Sutherland J., Gordon L. and Gibson H. (2019) ‘The confidence to know I can survive’: Resilience and recovery in post-quake Christchurch. In Bouterey S; Marceau LE (Ed.), Crisis and Disaster in Japan and New Zealand: Actors, Victims and Ramifications: 121-142. Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan.
  • Heng L., Quinlivan K. and du Plessis R. (2019) Exploring the creation of a new initial teacher education (ITE) programme underpinned by inclusion. International Journal of Inclusive Education 23(10): 1017-1031.
  • Heng L., Quinlivan KA. and Du Plessis R. (2018) ‘Working the Space’ towards the Vision of Inclusion from One Initial Teacher (ITE) Education Programme in Aotearoa, New Zealand.. In Best M; Corcoran T; Slee R (Ed.), Who’s in? Who’s out? What to do about inclusive education: 47-58. Rotterdam: Brill | Sense.
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