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Student story

Nick Baker

20 July 2023

"UC encourages its students to be global citizens.."


Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services with a minor in Sociology

Why did you choose to study at UC?

I chose UC for the community, the opportunities and the academics. In law we have incredible staff who are all leaders in their own field. They’re doing amazing research from brain scanning to medical law, and they can pass that information straight onto us.

Sounds like a good place to learn!

UC has a really hands-on approach and encourages people to get practical experience. They make a really strong effort to get us out of the classroom.

Where have your studies taken you?

I've done two international trips. My favourite was an internship I did at Mahidol University in Thailand. Myself and another student worked at Greenpeace for six weeks. It was awesome working at a big NGO in the middle of Bangkok!

Did you get to explore Thai culture too?

Yes, every weekend we would go away. We stayed overnight on an island and went to see the River Kwai. The highlight was going to an elephant sanctuary. We spent the whole day bathing and feeding rescued elephants. They were such gentle, intelligent creatures. It was one of the best days of my life.

How have you been shaped by those experiences?

I hadn't been out of New Zealand much before. I think it's important to understand your position as a global citizen. We’re all so interconnected now. Barriers are being broken down and the whole world is becoming much more diverse. It’s essential to get that global exposure.

Are you excited about the future?

I am! I have strong values around social justice and that’s something I’d like to use my law skills to enhance. I'm not sure where I want to end up, but if I can do something that makes a positive difference I’ll be happy.

How is UC helping you to prepare for that future?

The skills we’re taught at UC genuinely help us get there. There’s such a strong sense of community and it’s a really friendly campus. The international opportunities are amazing. UC encourages its students to be global citizens. I'll never forget my trip to Thailand, it really opened my eyes to what lies beyond our corner of the world.

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