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Student story

Tori McNoe

20 July 2023

Te Arawa

"I’m incredibly proud to call UC my home..."


(Te Arawa)

Bachelor of Criminal Justice

Studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a minor in Psychology

Why did you choose your subject?

I come from a small town where there aren't a lot of opportunities for young people. They can end up getting in trouble with drugs, crime and depression. I'm interested in how the law can actually help youth. My goal is to become an investigator or detective, with a focus on youth justice.

What’s surprised you most about UC?

Even though there's a ton of people here, I still know so many of them. On campus, if I walk a hundred metres I see at least three people I know! The connections that I’m making have exceeded my expectations.

What else have you been up to?

I’m really interested in social enterprise so I’ve become part of entré. In 2018 I’m the Chief Operating Officer. The cool thing about UC Enterprise and entré is that it's like doing a degree without doing a degree. It's getting me into the entrepreneurship side of things, without having to take business papers.

Would you recommend doing stuff outside your degree?

Absolutely. It adds value to your journey when you branch out into other things. You feel like you're doing something that has immediate impact – and you make a lot of friends along the way!

How are the staff and lecturers?

They’re amazing. They push you while also nurturing you through the process. They’re accessible too. I’m was even on a first name basis with the Vice Chancellor, Rod Carr, through my involvement with entré. It shows that if you put yourself out there, it comes back to you.

What's unique about studying here?

In Christchurch there’s so much encouragement in change and innovation. Once you leave uni, there's something here for you. There are lots of business kickstarters in the city, so if anyone comes out of UC with an entrepreneurial idea, there’s interest and support for it.

How would you sum up the UC experience?

It's incredibly fun and exciting. But there’s a serious side too. It also makes you sit down and realise that you’re one individual in the world with so much potential to do things. Having the opportunities I know only UC provides has helped discover what makes me tick. I’m incredibly proud to call UC my home.

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