youth crime

03 October 2023

The promise to “get tough on youth crime” is a New Zealand election perennial. This year, parties on both the left and right have pledged to crack down on young offenders – despite a lot of evidence that such approaches do not work in the long term.

UC Connect

21 September 2023

Award-winning international expert on sustainability and climate change, Professor Bronwyn Hayward will discuss why climate issues matter now more than ever in her upcoming public talk at the University of Canterbury.

Alexa and Professor Philip Schluter

04 September 2023

A father-daughter team from the University of Canterbury studied data from eight countries to rank trust in health authorities, media, experts, and politicians.


30 August 2023

Congratulations to all our students who graduated on Tuesday with Qualifications from the UC Business School, the Faculty of Arts, Law, Engineering, Education, Health and Science.

Austen Rangi

28 August 2023

Austen Rangi knows his mum would have been proud to watch him walk across the stage at his upcoming graduation celebration in Christchurch.

Māori words

24 August 2023

Non-Māori-speaking New Zealanders can recognise more than 1000 te reo Māori words or part-words, but only understand meanings of about 70, a new University of Canterbury study shows.

Rakuto Kurano

22 August 2023

UC master’s graduate Rakuto Kurano, a rising young composer and musician, will perform one of his own pieces at his upcoming graduation celebration in Christchurch.

Josie Tricker

21 August 2023

Josie Tricker has always been interested in sustainability, and her studies at the University of Canterbury have allowed her to develop her love for second hand shopping into a potential career.

Erin Jones

21 August 2023

Ask five people about dog training and you’ll get just as many opinions back. Dr Erin Jones asks, how about thinking about it from the dog’s point of view?


21 August 2023

CSO musicians will use river stones as instruments when they perform the world premiere of a new work inspired by Christchurch and marking 150 years of the University of Canterbury.

3MT winners

09 August 2023

From volcanic hazards to student engagement in performing arts, the UC’s fast-paced Research Student Showcase highlighted a range of outstanding research topics.

Tui Emma Gillies

04 August 2023

Traditional bark cloth art is more than a craft according to the University of Canterbury Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies’ 2023 artist in residence.

tui emma gillies

27 July 2023

Renowned ngatu (tapa) artist from Vavaʻu will create new work and Indigenous connections in response to the climate crisis in the Pacific

UC Connect

26 July 2023

It’s not often a distinguished professor offers to explain the academic theory of ‘Bullshitology’ to the world, but a public talk at the University of Canterbury offers exactly that, livestreamed and free to attend.

Crusaders Internship

24 July 2023

As part of their degrees, University of Canterbury students Ella Innes and Fia Laikong took up internships with Crusaders, giving them the opportunity to apply what they’re learning in a real work environment.


21 July 2023

Part spoof, part action fantasy, part Barbie doll virtual museum, it’s a full-blown product placement experience – but ironic as much as iconic. UC Professor of History Katie Pickles reviews the film on The Conversation.

Word Festival

19 July 2023

The University of Canterbury’s socio-cultural contribution to our vibrant city is evident in the depth and breadth of talent and expertise involved in WORD 2023.

Terri and Bojana

17 July 2023

A century-old bicycle, a 1967 computer as big as a chair, and a lecture theatre desk etched with old graffiti are some of the objects on show in a new exhibition about the University of Canterbury’s 150-year history.

Maddy Sweetman

29 June 2023

West Coaster Maddy Sweetman is loving the challenges of university life in Christchurch and the opportunity to pursue a passion for film and game design.

Nick Smith

28 June 2023

A new academic paper published in the prestigious International Affairs journal (published by Oxford University Press) explores Aotearoa New Zealand's ‘Māori foreign policy’ and China, and the implications of using te ao Māori principles in the face of increasing great power tensions.

Laura Fergusson Brain Injury Trust

27 June 2023

Stepping into a University of Canterbury PACE internship helped a new graduate appreciate how his Arts degree has equipped him for the future.

University building

27 June 2023

On the Conversation, Sociology Professor Nik Taylor and Lecturer Zoei Sutton speak on the current funding crisis.

Joachim Miguel Castillo

22 June 2023

Peer Assisted Learning Sessions (PALS) are boosting academic outcomes for first-year University of Canterbury students.

UC News Immigration detention

15 June 2023

On the Conversation Political Science and International Relations Lecturer Linda Mussell speaks about the several Canadian provinces that will no longer allow the CBSA to detain immigrants in provincial jails.

10th annual NCEA Japanese Workshop

13 June 2023

Last week, Te Whare Wānanga o Waitaha | University of Canterbury (UC) and the Canterbury Network of Teachers of Japanese held the 10th annual NCEA Japanese workshop, which attracted 520 secondary school students from 18 Canterbury schools.