Dr Wei Teng. chinese language

25 June 2021

Making sure translations of healthcare information make sense to linguistically diverse audiences has become more important than ever during Covid-19 outbreaks.

Mummy shroud wrap fragment

24 June 2021

A 2,300-year old fragment of linen from the wrap of an Egyptian mummy, which is held in the University of Canterbury’s Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities, has been matched with a fragment in the United States, at the Getty Institute.

JC Sturm

23 June 2021

A recently-discovered poem by Māori writer J.C. Sturm explains why colonisation wasn’t good for Māori. It was written seventy years ago.

Sacha McMeeking

18 June 2021

Māori community leaders from across Aotearoa will join students and academics in Ōtautahi Christchurch this weekend to explore how knowledge from the past can be harnessed to transform the future.

Hannah Darroch and Justin DeHart

16 June 2021

Ōtautahi Christchurch’s music community is thriving, with a vibrant School of Music and progressive symphony orchestra both helping to attract innovative international musicians.

Professor Cheryl de la Rey

15 June 2021

New Zealand’s first annual hui on countering terrorism and violent extremism, He Whenua Taurikura, is being held in Christchurch this week.

Prof Steven Ratuva

15 June 2021

With islands already being inundated, Pacific nations can be seen as some of the first victims of climate change and rising sea levels, as well as worthy and urgent beneficiaries of global attempts to achieve the United Nation’s internationally-agreed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Professor Angus Hikairo Macfarlane

09 June 2021

Congratulations to all the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2021 recipients, including several University of Canterbury academics, staff, graduates and friends of the university.

Jonathan Lemalu

04 June 2021

The student was nervous as she performed for Grammy award-winning operatic bass Jonathan Lemalu at the University of Canterbury’s (UC) central city Arts Centre campus Recital Room last night.

Queen's Birthday Honours

04 June 2021

In a new article on The Conversation, UC History Professor Katie Pickles writes that in an age of individualism and celebrity, these regular rewards for service to community and nation are generally seen as a welcome tonic and well worth toasting.


03 June 2021

How does the language we speak shape us? Define us? Empower us? Limit us? What kinds of privilege and domination does it possess? Does our own language suppress or marginalise other languages, other voices?

Antarctic Resolution

21 May 2021

Giulia Foscari / UNLESS have launched Antarctic Resolution, a multidisciplinary project co-authored by the world’s leading experts on the Antarctic, including five University of Canterbury academics, at the Biennale Architettura 2021.

Emperor Penguins

20 May 2021

The 2021 Budget held some great news for Antarctic scientists and researchers at the University of Canterbury, with $344 million committed to rebuilding Scott Base in Antarctica.

Hannah Watkinson is an artist and gallery manager, graduate

17 May 2021

Hannah Watkinson is just weeks away from finishing her Master’s of Fine Arts at UC, but she found time to chat about creating new exhibition spaces in Ōtautahi for talented young artists like herself and completing her first book of photography. She will share her experiences with young people interested in Fine Arts this Wednesday at 5.30pm.

Secret Sinfonia

07 May 2021

Working on minimal rehearsals but reaching the highest levels of performance, Secret Sinfonia is a University of Canterbury (UC) student-led orchestra bridging the gap between youth orchestras and professional musicians.

Spot the Dog

04 May 2021

In a new article on The Conversation, International Relations Associate Professor Jeremy Moses and Dr Geoffrey Ford write that we should remain wary of developers shaping our sentiment on quadrupeds.

College of Fine Arts & Music

29 April 2021

Explore the nooks and crannies of Jack, James, Ernest, Beatrice and parts of the original city campus including the new ‘Old Chemistry’, as the 147-year-old University of Canterbury (UC) opens its architecturally designed doors for Open Christchurch weekend, 15-16 May. Open Christchurch is a one-weekend-only festival of exceptional architecture. It’s for everyone to experience great building design from the inside, for free.

Steven Ratuva

27 April 2021

Knowledge should be a common inheritance for the growth and sustainability of humanity, not a market commodity for the benefit of the few, writes Professor Steven Ratuva, Director of the Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies at the University of Canterbury.


23 April 2021

University of Canterbury's Dr Erin Harrington writes in The Conversation that though The Handmaid's Tale is horrrifying, the show's gleeful approach to violence feels exploitative.

Gretchen Perry

22 April 2021

Grandparents often play an important role in childcare, but some are more involved than others, University of Canterbury Social Work Associate Professor Gretchen Perry has found.


16 April 2021

From European studies and Russian language to a Whakapapa Studentship at Te Rūnanga o Ngāi Tahu, Ereni Pūtere has had an interesting journey of discovery at the University of Canterbury, leading to her graduation with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) with First Class Honours in History today (Friday 16 April).


23 March 2021

More used to handling rare antiquities thousands of years old, the curator of the University of Canterbury’s Teece Museum and James Logie Memorial Collection describes a recent discovery as a “thrilling moment of wonder”.

A Short Run

12 March 2021

Curator and University of Canterbury (UC) Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design Luke Wood explores vinyl records and cover art in the radical margins of New Zealand culture for a new exhibition at the Centre of Contemporary Art (CoCA) Toi Moroki from 13 March to 22 May.


11 March 2021

Warm congratulations to University of Canterbury (UC) Professor Gail Gillon FRSNZ and Professor Steven Ratuva FRSNZ on being elected Ngā Ahurei a Te Apārangi Fellows of the Academy of the Royal Society Te Apārangi.

Music New Baroque Generation

11 March 2021

The next generation of New Zealand musicians have just returned from a sensational, critically acclaimed 11-date tour of Aotearoa New Zealand.

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