Health and Safety

H&S Team

The Health and Safety team is responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the University meets its obligations with all occupational safety and health statutes and regulations.
  • Providing advice and assistance to staff and students around effective hazard management.
  • Health and safety education aimed at empowering departments to effectively identify and manage the hazards in their area.
  • Reporting and investigating events from across UC where staff/students/visitors /contractors have been injured or could have been injured in the course of their work.
  • Provision of occupational health services for e.g. health monitoring/ flu vaccines
  • Facilitating employee participation in Health & Safety.
  • Maintaining an effective rehabilitation process for staff and students as required.
  • Monitoring the Health & Safety performance across the University and reporting on this to senior management along with relevant recommendations for improvement.

If a Notifiable Event occurs, please contact the Health & Safety Manager on 027-742-8689.

The UC Health, Safety and Well-being Policy outlines the University’s commitment to providing a safe place of work for staff, students, visitors and others. The policy also details both management responsibilities and your responsibilities as an employee.

The Health and Safety Toolkit is THE source of information for Health & Safety within UC. It is on the internet and available to everyone with a UC login (including student login). The Health & Safety Toolkit is divided into 10 separate drawers which reflect the key parts of the Health & Safety Management System;

  • Employer Commitment As per H&S policy above outlines UC’s commitment and H&S Improvement Plan
  • Health and Safety Planning In addition to the UC Improvement Plan each Department and Service Unit has its own H&S Improvement Plan. Ask you Head/Manager where you can find the H&S plan for your area.
  • Hazard Management What is a hazard? Anything with the potential to cause harm.
    How can I report a hazard? Follow the Identify and Manage a Hazard process in the H&S Toolkit
    Each department/ service unit has a hazard register – ask your Head/Manager where to find your hazard register and familiarise yourself with the information.
  • Information and Training UC provides significant training around H&S including first aid training, fire warden training etc. Discuss with your Manager or Head any courses relevant to your role.
  • Event Reporting and Investigation What is an event? Anything that results in harm, or in other circumstances could have caused harm, this includes injury, illness, discomfort and pain, near miss, incident, and serious harm. What do I do if I have an event at work? Follow the Manage and Report an Event process as a matter of urgency.
  • Representatives and Committees What is a H&S Rep? A H&S representative is a person you can talk to raise a Health & Safety concern as outlined in the Union Agreement (PDF 4.2MB). Find out who your H&S Rep is.  
  • Emergency Management Please note the following critical points:
    Emergency Procedure Notice Boards are located at the main entrances to each building and provide a map identifying where your local assembly point is and the process to follow during a range of potential emergencies.
    When you meet your Head/Manager it is important to find out; Who your first-aiders are, Who your fire wardens are, What to do in the event of an emergency in your area (there may be specific requirements)
    If you are working in different buildings it is important to check the emergency procedure board when you arrive to inform yourself of your local assembly area.
    The Security Emergency Number is ext 6111 or 0800 823 638. Put this in your phone and contact security for any emergencies on site.
    Emergency Management information can also be sourced on the UC Emergency Management Website.
  • Contractor Management UC is a large community with many different aspects and groups of people, contractors are part of this community so we need to work with them to ensure that they are not creating hazards for others and are not being negatively impacted by our activities.
  • Workplace Assessments and Observation Health Monitoring – UC offers health monitoring in relevant areas if you have any questions around this activity please speak to your Head/Manager. In this drawer there is also information relating to: Discomfort, Pain and Injury (DPI); Ergonomic Assessments and HabitAtWork (ACC).
  • Rehabilitation and Claims Everybody in NZ who is injured as a result of an accident is entitled to claim for rehabilitation via ACC. Whether this is work related or non-work related UC supports its staff to a full recovery where possible. For more information follow this link or speak to your HR Advisor