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22 February 2024

We're all about thriving in a safe and healthy environment here at the University of Canterbury.

Assura is our new and easy to use health and safety system. Reporting through Assura will increase the visibility over what is affecting you, so we can correct issues and share safety successes. Health and safety is all of our responsibility, and by working together we can protect our community.


In an emergency, please contact security on 0800 823 637

Student Safety Reporting

Student reporting in Assura are entered as a Health and Safety report. Mental hazards can be reported directly to the UC Security team or Student Care.

What to report?

  • where harm has occurred or almost occurred e.g. injuring self when using equipment while in labs or workshops, tripping over loose flooring in a lecture theatre.
  • where there us potential for harm or an idea or action that could prevent harm. e.g. speeding vehicle on UC Sites, misuse of equipment or PPE. Power socket or wires are broken or exposed. 

Staff Health and Safety Reporting

We rely on staff reporting health and safety incidents in a timely manner, thereby helping us manage health and safety effectively.
UC's Assura system for incident and injury reporting is simple, direct, intuitive, and accessible. If you need help understanding and using it, check out these Assura resources and guides.

What to Report?

Incidents: Where harm has occurred or almost occurred.

  • Work-related injuries: Any injury caused by work being conducted.
    For example, moving boxes at work, pulling a muscle, or cutting your hand using a craft knife..
  • Work-related illness: Any illness caused by work being conducted.
    For example, Zoonosis, or Legionellosis.
  • Near miss: Incidents that almost result in injury or illness.
    For example, almost being hit by a vehicle, or tripping up but recovering your balance. 

Safety Observations: Where there is the potential for harm, or an idea/action that could prevent harm.

  • Kind intentions: Reporting unsafe practice or conditions are not about blaming or 'telling on' your colleagues. We need to know so we can ensure everyone's safety and learn from our mistakes - because mistakes happen and you don't know what you don't know. 
  • Unsafe Practice: Behaviour that could lead to harm to life or health. 
    For example, working on the road with no spotter or warning signs, not wearing adequate PPE, or speeding in a vehicle. 
  • Unsafe Conditions: Any environmental condition that could cause harm to life or health. For example, boxes being stored in front of a fire exit, a broken window, or poor lighting. 
    Safe Practice: Behaviour that prevents harm to life or health. 
    For example, we want to hear about people teaching each other good lifting techniques, cleaning up a spill immediately, or putting up barriers to prevent people from walking into an active work area. 
  • Suggestions: An idea of what could be implemented to protect the health and wellbeing of our university community. For example, let us know if you have any ideas about access to the University recreation centre for staff, manual handling training, or emergency response flipcharts.

Assura Quick Start Guide

Download (application/pdf, 614 KB)
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