Kia Angitu

UC is proud to open our doors to students throughout Aotearoa New Zealand and the world, welcoming everyone to learn from one another and contribute to our diverse and flourishing community. UC is a place for everyone.  

Kia Angitu, UC’s student success programme is designed to achieve one of UC’s key strategic objectives – to develop and provide targeted interventions and a positive environment to support student success.

Our Vision 

That the disparity in participation, retention and success rates between Māori, Pacific, and other currently underserved students and the general university population is removed. 


Watch to see what some of our students have to say about Kia Angitu initatives.

How Kia Angitu Works

The programme brings together a range of interconnected initiatives that focus on the introductory experiences of students as they transition into their first year of study at UC and on to their second year. This is particularly important for traditionally underserved communities including Māori, Pacific, first in whānau students, as well as those from low-decile schools and students with disabilities.

Each of these initatives work together as an ecosystem of proactive, culturally sensitive, and student-centric services rather than stand alone activities.



Proactive and coordinated first year advising 

A student-centred model for academic and pastoral advice where all new students are proactively supported into university, starting at Liaison and extending through to programme choice, academic planning, goal setting and career identification. Advisory is supported with smart technologies. 

Enhancing transition   

Pathway programmes that are tailored and culturally responsive into first year for Māori, and Pacific students. And support at secondary school that facilitates a smoother transition into first-year university for all students.  

Creating momentum through curriculum and tailored support in first year 

Enhancing curriculum coupled with supported teaching and learning in the physical and online spaces that builds momentum for academic progress and success