Kia Angitu

The first year at university can be the hardest – whether a student is coming straight from a secondary school or wharekura, or they have been in the workforce, the transition into study can be tricky.

Kia Angitu, UC’s student success programme, focuses on the early experiences of students at UC. It brings together a range of initiatives to help students transition into their first year and make the most of their studies at UC.

These initiatives work together to collectively remove barriers and create an environment that gives students the opportunity to thrive and succeed, paying particular care and attention to the journey of students who are Māori, Pasifika, have disabilities, are first in their whānau to attend university, and students from low-decile schools or a low-income background.

Watch to see what some of our students have to say about Kia Angitu initatives.

How Kia Angitu Works

Kia Angitu is creating an ecosystem of proactive, culturally sensitive, and student-centric services through a range of interconnected initiatives.



Proactive and coordinated first year advising 

A student-centred, digitally-enabled model for academic and pastoral advice where all new students are proactively supported into university, starting at Liaison and extending through to programme choice, academic planning, goal setting and career identification. 

Enhancing transition  

Pathway programmes into first year that are tailored and culturally responsive for ākonga Māori and Pacific.

Creating momentum through curriculum and tailored support in first year

Enhancing curriculum coupled with supported physical and online teaching and that builds momentum for academic progress and success.  

  • Initiatives include: Enhanced first-year courses (Catapult), Peer Assisted Learning Sessions (PALS), adaptive learning technologies and integrated career development learning