Student Evaluation of Teaching

Evaluation is one of many mechanisms for gaining information that the University uses to evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and the learning process. At UC there are four (4) types of permissible Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET) undertaken:

  • Course Evaluation
  • Teaching Evaluation
  • Teaching Assistant (TA)/ Tutor/ Lab Demonstrator Evaluation
  • Programme Evaluation (contact Survey Coordinator for further discussion)

Course Evaluation and Teaching Evaluation

Course Evaluation and Teaching Evaluation information for staff can be found in the Student Evalaution of Teaching intranet (staff only).

TA/Tutor/Lab Demonstrator Evaluation 

Teaching assistant (TA)/tutor/lab demonstrator evaluations enables students to provide feedback to specialist staff.

Similar to teaching evaluation, TA/tutor/lab demonstrator or the course coordinator (on behalf) can made a TA/tutor/lab demonstrator evaluation request via LEARN. For actual "How to" instructions on requesting a TA/tutor evaluation please see the link below:

How to request for SET evaluation (PDF, 467KB)

There are 3 mandatory TA/tutor evaluation questions (PDF, 892KB) (staff only). Similar to the course and teaching evaluation, it is now possible to add 3 custom questions to TA/Tutor evaluations. Please see the following link for instructions on how to do this:

Adding custom questions to SET evaluations (PDF, 222KB)

Similar to the course and teaching evaluation, the evaluation results will be made available as soon as grades have been released to students.

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