Academic Integrity


Academic integrity involves acting honestly, ethically, fairly and respecting others in teaching, learning, research and administration. Academic integrity means producing honest and ethical work and is one of the key foundations to being a good student, and is a key principle at UC.

This website provides information about UC’s policies and procedures for academic integrity as well as additional information for students.

When you enrol to be a student at UC you are required to sign the UC Student Agreement agreeing to abide by the statutes, regulations, rules and policies of UC.   All students must comply with the UC Student Code of Conduct which outlines the way students are expected to behave during their time at UC and reaffirms UC’s commitment to provide a safe working and study environment. 

Please refer to the Misconduct Procedures - Guide for Students which provides information about the University's misconduct procedures, including academic misconduct and academic integrity.

A breach of the Student Code of Conduct may result in penalties being imposed by a University Proctor or the Misconduct Committee. The Misconduct Committee conducts formal disciplinary hearings with a student when a complaint of misconduct is received. Penalties from a Proctor and/or the Misconduct Committee may include fines, academic penalties and limits on academic progression or in a worst case scenario expulsion from the University. The Behavioural Misconduct Regulations outline the disciplinary actions which may be carried out against a student by the Misconduct Committee. A student's right of appeal is set out in the Appeals Regulations .

The Academic Misconduct Regulations outlines the process taken by an Academic Integrity Officer, the Proctor or the Misconduct Committee when a student is accused of dishonest or improper academic practices. A student's right of appeal is set out in the Appeals Regulations .

The Proctors are UC academics whose responsibility is to investigate breaches of discipline. Their details can be found below.

Pou Uruhi | Proctor

Stephen Hickson

Director Business Taught Masters
Rehua 612

Jennifer Brown

Postgraduate Data Science Coordinator
Jack Erskine 622
Internal Phone: 95892

Associate Professor Natalie Baird

Associate Professor
Co-Director of Postgraduate Studies and LLM (ILAP)
Meremere 419

Toni Torepe

Rehua 503
Internal Phone: 93714

Please send the Misconduct Action Forms (Intranet) to the Grievance and Academic Processes Advisor to update the Misconduct Register:

Liana Foster

Kairuruku Nawe, Tukanga Akoranga
Grievance and Academic Processes Advisor
Hours of work are 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday, Tuesday and 9:30am-2:30pm Wednesday
Matariki Level 2 Nth
Internal Phone: 93970

Kerry Bradshaw

Kairuruku Nawe, Tukanga Akoranga
Grievance and Academic Processes Advisor
Internal Phone: 91218

The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency

If you’re interested in learning more about Academic Integrity, the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency in Australia has done a lot of work in this area. Their defining academic integrity section offers some great resources for students, including examples and case studies.

Guidance for Students
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