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Student story

Vikram Selvaraj

20 July 2023

"My ideal job requires me to be a leader and serve the community..."


Bachelor of Criminal Justice

2022 National President, New Zealand International Students’ Association (NZISA)


Vikram’s passion to become a police officer led him to study Criminal Justice. 

“I’m interested in how justice can help people from not committing crimes, and the types of support the justice system can provide for those who need it.”  

Originally from Singapore, Vikram chose to study a Bachelor of Criminal Justice offered by the University of Canterbury as the programme provides a wide range of courses which allows him to explore and gain in-depth knowledge about the justice system.

Another reason Vikram chose New Zealand to pursue his studies is his love for nature and the beautiful New Zealand landscape. 

“I’ve always liked nature, and when I knew New Zealand has a lot of wonderful scenic views, it was hard to miss. I go for road trips whenever possible, especially after my exams, to relax, detox, and feel re-energised.”

As a UC student, Vikram has the opportunity to help others navigate through different support programmes and activities offered by the University. 

“It’s normal to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and lonely during exams, especially when you are in a new country. SEEK HELP, don’t wait until the last minute. People are here to help you succeed in your university journey, but you must come out of your comfort zone to share your concerns and vulnerabilities.”

His personal journey as a university student helped him to build strong work skills and develop his leadership skills. 

“My ideal job requires me to be a leader and serve the community; therefore, doing it at UC has given me more confidence and the opportunity to get used to New Zealand culture and be a part of it. My goal is to become an investigator or police advisor, with a focus on youth justice and minority ethnic communities.”

Some of Vikram’s greatest achievements are receiving a UCSA Blues Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Community Engagement’ in 2021 and leading as the National President for the New Zealand International Students’ Association (NZISA) in 2022, both of which gave him the opportunity to be one step closer to his goals.

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