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Student story

Logan Quigley

20 July 2023

"There’s no end to the amount of help and support I’ve been offered..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Criminal Justice

What’s it been like studying a Criminal Justice degree?

I enjoy both the content and motivation. Everything I’m learning is super fascinating, and that in turn motivates me to study harder and learn as much as possible.

So what made you choose Criminal Justice?

My career goals! Once I’ve finished at uni I’m going to travel for a bit, and then join the Police force. While not necessary for a successful career in the Police, the BCJ will give me a big step up, and will also make me a better Police Officer when I get there. It was a no-brainer.

And hence why you’ve come to UC! What have you enjoyed about it so far?

The atmosphere. It isn’t like the rowdy streets of Otago or the concrete Auckland, but really peaceful and calm, and awesome people offering all sorts of support and services.

You also chose to stay in Kirkwood Avenue Hall accommodation. What was the motivation for that as a Christchurch local?

I wanted the social aspect of it mainly; lots of new people to meet and form connections with. A convenient location and easier access to Uni resources are also pretty handy. The RA’s are somehow all the nicest and most supportive people I’ve ever met, and the other Hall staff are equally attentive and invested in our lives and degrees.

There’s no end to the amount of help and support I’ve been offered in the somewhat short time I’ve been here, and for that I’m super grateful. I couldn’t be better off if I tried.

What’s the best part about living in a hall?

The people! From the staff to my cohort, everyone is genuinely lovely and caring, and always ready for a bit of fun. Everyone has unique personalities, skills, and interests, so it’s easy to learn new things, and never dull.

Would you recommend the hall experience to other students then?

Do it! It seems like a really big step, and to be sure, it is, but it’s so rewarding that it sometimes doesn’t even feel like a major step into life. You’ll meet so many people, learn so many things, and everything that you put in you’ll get back in fun experiences and treasured memories twice over. You’ve got nothing but comfort to lose, and everything to gain.

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