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Student story

Victoria-Rose Tucker

20 July 2023

"It’s a very holistic experience and diversity is really celebrated here too..."


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Professional and Community Engagement

Biggest highlight of your time at UC?

There are so many highlights it’s hard to choose! If I had to pick I think would be the extracurricular opportunities I’ve had. I was on the entré exec for two years, progressing to $85k Start-Up Challenge Manager in 2017. I’ve built up so many skills and a lot of confidence through that.

What attracted you to entré?

I’ve always had an interest in entrepreneurship and the way it encourages people to do what they’re passionate about. I entered the $85K Start- Up Challenge because it was such an awesome opportunity. You get free mentoring and free workshops. I thought it would be silly not to give it a go.

Have you had a lot of networking opportunities through that?

It’s been absolutely amazing. I don’t think I ever would have met so many business professionals if it wasn’t for entré. I’ve done four internships as well over the course of my degree. It’s helped me realise that business people aren’t actually that scary. They want to share their knowledge and help young people succeed.

How have your extracurricular interests added to your uni experience?

They’ve made me feel like UC is a community rather than just a place to attend class. You see so many friendly faces around campus. University is the only time of your life where you don’t have other commitments, like kids or a 9-5 job. The club scene here really helps you make the most of it.

What makes UC the place it is?

UC is a place that’s always pushing to do better. With the new buildings going up and new initiatives that get started – the uni is always looking for ways to look after its students and provide opportunities for them. It’s a very holistic experience and diversity is really celebrated here too.

Is UC different from what you expected when you were in high school?

It is. I almost didn’t go to uni. I thought I wasn’t smart enough. But from the get-go I got really good grades. I had a lot more potential than I realised. UC is a really supportive environment to be in but at the same time, the freedom and independence I’ve been given has really helped me shape who I am today.

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