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Student story

Thomas Galbraith

20 July 2023

"UC’s been a great platform for gaining confidence and exploring opportunities..."


Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, with a minor in Power Engineering

Master of Engineering endorsed in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

What are you up to at UC?

Besides my electrical engineering studies I’ve been part of as many clubs as I can. I was president of IEEE, which is a small electrical engineering club focused on the professional development of students. I've also been quite a keen DJ for the last couple of years.

Cool, tell us about your DJ-ing!

I started off playing at house parties and got through to playing for UCSA (University of Canterbury Students’ Association) at events like Mono, Once Upon a Time and Tea Party. I play hip hop, house music, top 40 – anything that university students like! I really love it. It's exciting finding music people haven't heard before and playing it to a crowd.

Is there a good music scene on campus?

A lot of international artists come through The Foundry. It's been a cool opportunity for me to meet people from the music producing world. There seem to be lots of music clubs popping up on campus. It's really taking off at the moment.

You're on the Motorsport team too?

Yes, in 2017 it was my final year project. I was in a group with three other engineers, designing a lot of the main systems in the car. My role was CANbus communications, ensuring the overall reliability of the signals that get processed. It was good to apply some of the skills I learned in my degree. There was lots of teamwork and collaboration to make sure all our systems would work together.

How have you changed in your time at UC?

I came from a small high school in a small town. I was pretty shy when I arrived and that's definitely changed! Now I can happily DJ at The Foundry for over a thousand people. UC’s been a great platform for gaining confidence and exploring opportunities I wouldn't have had otherwise.

#1 tip for making the most of UC?

Join club committees. It opens up so many opportunities and looks fantastic on your CV. Becoming part of the organisation scene is one of the best things I've ever done. You get to have a positive impact, and by putting your own spin on things you attract even more like-minded people to become part of the clubs you’re into.

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