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Student story

Aina Norsyafiah Binti Azhar

19 February 2024

Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Why did you decide to come to UC? 

UC offered an exceptional credit transfer, which was a good opportunity to advance my study. I love the vibrant environment in Christchurch and the ease of finding accommodation compared to other New Zealand cities, and UC’s campus is very beautiful with easy access to everything.

What’s your time at UC been like so far?

Life at UC is very diverse in culture. There is a strong connection between international and domestic students. I also love that UC offers great access to facilities for engineering students; we can get into the labs 24 hours a day, so I have the flexibility to work on my projects whenever it suits me.

What is one of your favourite things about UC? 

I really enjoy the clubs here. I’m in the Women in Tech Society and the Canterbury Malaysian Students’ Association. They offer great connections between students studying all other courses, so it’s a good way to meet people. The clubs put on fun activities that have exposed me to lots of new things.

What do you like about studying Engineering at UC? 

There’s a great mentorship programme and tutorials where we can get help from volunteers. They always check in to see how my study is going. The upper-year students are also very friendly and helpful, and we can talk to them about upcoming projects and courses. The lecturers often tell funny stories, which makes my engineering courses more fun.

How is the support for international students? 

International students have great support at UC. There was an excellent orientation when we first arrived, which not only introduced us to UC overall but also helped us with how to adapt culturally to New Zealand. It’s a very diverse group of students and it was so helpful in my transition.

And the international team here is so supportive, helping with many things before I even arrived.

Is there anything you’ve found to be particularly helpful in adapting? 

I’ve made great connections and close friends through the clubs. We get to meet people from other cultures and attend awesome events like dinners, sports days, and more. Even with the Malaysian student club, it’s not just people from Malaysia – it’s open to all students. The activities are really fun, and they help combat homesickness.

How do you find life at UC overall? 

I am very happy here. It’s a warm environment with excellent academics and supportive staff, combined with a very diverse community. The students and staff are so friendly. Often, I go to the support centre in the library and they ask me how my studies are going. They keep in touch with me and have great communication with the students.

What’s life in Christchurch like? 

Living in Christchurch is very easy. I adapted well to the seasons, the weather, the food. It’s a lot more peaceful than Malaysia, especially going out at night; I feel safe going places on my own. I hike a lot at the Christchurch Adventure Park, and I enjoy going to Sumner Beach. The public transport here is great, so it’s easy to get around by bus or cycling.

Would you recommend UC to other international students? 

I would wholeheartedly recommend UC to other international students, and also to anyone that wants to major in Engineering courses. UC made it a very smooth transition from Malaysia to New Zealand, and the programmes here are great for any student.

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